Thursday, 1 October 2015

BJP govt in state blocks information on expenses incurred on traitor Yakub Memon

The BJP government in the state has blocked all information pertaining to the high profile case of terror accused Yakub Memon. In the reply given to RTI activist Anil Galgali the state Home Department has said that providing information on the query will effect the sovereignty, unity and security of the country. Interesting that similar information related to Moh Kasab provided by Congress-Ncp Government and now Bjp Government blocks the information. RTI activist Anil Galgali had sought information from the state government on the all types of expenses incurred on Anti National Yakub Memon, right from his arrest upto his hanging. The Public Information officer and Desk officer of the Home Department, Shri Deepak Zadiye informed Anil Galgali that, all information related to death sentenced Yakub Memon has been refused under clause 8(1)(c) of the RTI Act 2005  by the Maharashtra government. Under the clause any such information will disturb the sovereignty, unity and security of the country. RTI activist Anil Galgali has filed an appeal on the order with Dy Secretary Mr J L Pawra. Anil Galgali has termed the order as Strange how an information related to expenses incurred on a prisoner can effect the sovereignty, unity and security of the country, he further stated that during the Congress -  NCP rule, in 2012 the govt had provided information on a similar query related to Kasab and now the BJP govt is trying to hide this information is very surprising. The inference of law can change as per convenience can be seen from this case, that how things have changed with the transfer of rule from Manmohan to Modi, Galgali further claimed that the public money collected from taxes being paid by a common man is being spent on a traitor and the amount of this public money spent is concealed from the public, exposes the myth of transperancy of this government. Anil Galgali has appealed to the CM Devendra Fadnavis to make public the expenses incurred on Memon. Information of expenses incurred on Kasab was disclosed by the erst while Congress - NCP govt Mohammed Ajmal Kasab the convicted terrorist and lone terrorist who was apprehended alive during the 26/11  Mumbai terror attack was hanged to death on 21st November 2012. After his hanging the govt spent a total of Rs 9 thousand 573 for the burial. Also since his arrest on 26th November 2008 midnight from Girgaon chowpatty till his hanging on 21st November 2012 in the ensuing 4 years the govt incurred a total of Rs 28 crores 50 lakhs as expenses and this information was provided to RTI activist Anil Galgali by the Home Department on his query at that time. The information provided included expenses on Kasab's food, security, medical expenses, clothing as well as expenses on construction of special security walls and also the expenses on his burial. The segregation of expenses showed that the state had to spend around 1.5 crores on security provided by itself and had to incur an expenses of Rs 21 crore 68 lakhs on security provided by the central government force Indo Tibetan Border Force (ITBP) . It was also revealed from the information provided at that time that an expense of Rs 125 was incurred on Kasab's food on the day of his arrest and Rs 33 was incurred for food on the day of his execution.

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