Sunday, 29 December 2013

Maharashtra Goverment should publish Adarsh report online

-based RTI activist Anil Galgali today demanded that Chief Minister  should publish the Adarsh judicial Commission's report on the  government's website and make it public. 
He also expressed surprise over the fact that the state government had not yet prepared a Marathi translation of the report, as is mandatory according to rules of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. The report was tabled in the house.

The government has spent Rs 7.04 crore for the Adarsh Commission and has dismissed its report, he said. The government, thus, was shielding the politicians and bureaucrats who were involved in the  scam, he said.

Galgali has written to Chavan and Principal Secretary Bhagwan Sahay, General Administrative Dept (Service), pointing out that as per the rules of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, every report should be prepared in both English and Marathi before being tabled.

The Ram Pradhan Committee report on Mumbai terror attack was prepared in both the languages but now the government had ignored this norm, Galgali said.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

MMRDA Recover Rs 8.12 Crore from Adarsh Society

Maharastra Chief Minister who is Chairman of  Special Planning Body MMRDA has recovered Rs 8.12 Crore  from Disputed Adarsh Society under various heads and was aware of the stages of the building's construction. In which Rs 40 Lakhs is penalty  it for regularising its 28th floor construction. If MMRDA before  issue  Commecment Certificate (CC) check all doucments then Adarsh Society never constructed, Blame Anil Galgali who access this information through RTI.

RTI queries by activist Anil Galgali reveal that MMRDA collected money from the society under various heads and was aware of the stages of the building's construction. Even as skeletons continue to  tumble out of the Adarsh closet, it has now come to the fore that the MMRDA has also made a substantial amount from the South Mumbai building and collected nearly Rs 8.12 crore from it in the form of various charges. The development charges, staircase and lift premium and scrutiny fees were charged as per norms before the Adarsh project started.

Government of Maharastra under memordum dated 18 Jan 2003 a land situated at  BBR Block 6 which is under possession of Army  admesuring  3758.72 square metre give to Adarsh Society for Rs 10,19,19,752  and a land use by BEST which is admesuring 2669.68 Square Metre for Rs 6,14,02,640. Adarsh Society after paid total Rs 16,33,222,92 ask for commecment certificate from MMRDA to start construction. MMRDA 3 Metropolitan Commissioner's Dr Suresh Joshi, Dr T Chandrashekhar & Ratankar  Gaikwad  issues CC time to time and final  OC issues  on 16 September 2010 by Ratankar Gaikwad. The Adarsh building falls under the Backbay scheme wherein the municipal commissioner has designated MMRDA as the special planning authority. The said amount that MMRDA has levied is for use of FSI, lift, lobby and other amenities.
According to Anil Galgali, now after rejection of Adarsh Commission Report & scam, he felt that the role of MMRDA needed to be probed by Chief Minister himself because he is chairman of MMRDA. It now seems that MMRDA, the special planning authority, knew about the various stages of construction of the Adarsh society building.  Moreover, MMRDA withdrew the Occupation Certificate (OC) issued to the building in haste soon after the scam grabbed media attention and Ashok Chavan had to resign from the post of Chief Minister.Then MMRDA withdrew the OC as per the instructions of the Urban development department.

When asked whether MMRDA was aware of the illegalities in Adarsh by Anil Galgali , as fees was collected at regular intervals, the officer clarified that the development charges, staircase and lift premium, and scrutiny fees, etc was charged as per norms before the project started. Adarsh paid a huge penalty to it for regularising its 28th floor construction. Interesting that OC issued by Additional Metropolitan Commissioner SVR Srinivas under guideness Ratankar Gaikwad get reward there mistake. Gaikwad get first promotion as Chief Secartary and now Chief Information Commissioner and Srinivas deputed at BMC Additional Municipal Commissioner. If MMRDA scrtunize the doucments properly then Adarsh never built,say Galgali.

### Fees charged by MMRDA

Development charges:
Rs 15,13,435

Staircase, lift, lift lobby and passage premium:
Rs 7,22,26,754

Balcony enclosure fees:
Rs 33,42,000

Scrutiny fees: Rs 1,24,012

Penalty: Rs 39,74,235

Total: Rs 8,11,80,436

Friday, 20 December 2013

Rs 7.04 crore of public money goes down the drain after rejection of Adarsh Commission Report

Mumbai - Govt's rejection of Adarsh commission report results in waste of energy, time and Rs 7.04 crores of public money down the drain, Blame RTI Activist Anil Galgali friday.
The Maharastra State has spent Rs 7.04 crore on the Adarsh Commission which was functional for 842 days. The establishment expenditure of the Commission was Rs 83, 605 per day, including Salary to final Report. Its reveled by RTI Activists Anil Galgali who files a RTI query to State Govt.
RTI Activists Anil Galgali who is also one of petitioner in Adarsh Commission and trying to scrutinize the MMRDA Role in Adarsh Scam though MMRDA was a Special Planning Authority. Anil Galgali ask General Administrative Department of Government of Maharastra that What is a total Expenditure including Salary,Vehicle, Telephone,Zerox and fees pay to Sr Counsel. General Administrative Department  Under Secretary R G Panchal said that Adarsh Commission was formed in 8 Jan 2011. Final report submission date is decided by Govt is till 30 April 2013. Commission submits its final report to Maharastra Govt on 18 April 2013, 12 days before as target.The commission, headed by retired High court judge justice J A Patil with retired Chief secretary P Subaryamanyam including 14 other staff. Only 1 personal Assitant Smt K K Nair is provided by MMRDA. Jan 2011 to April 2013,  for 842 days Salary pay to all staff is Rs 1,88,33,321. Rs 7,99,604 was spent on Telephone & Electricity expenditure. Other expenditure Charges was Rs 8,84,525. Adarsh Commission Report was 691 -page & only one copy printed from computer which was submitted to govt so there is no single copy was balance at Adarsh commission office and that report single copy was  not printed by Adarsh commission.
842 days after Adarsh commission submitted Final Report, state govt spend total Rs 3,96,80,581 on  Sr Counsel and  lawyers fees. The counsel was paid Rs. 1,15,000, lawyer  40,000  & Rs 25,000 for each appearance, while his assistant received Rs. 5,000 an appearance. While for non effecting hearing Mr Sakhare charges Rs 55,000.

Adarsh Commission's Senior Counsel Dipan Merchant is paid Rs 1,48,40,000 and Junior Counsel Bharat Jhaveri gets Rs 17,90,000. Sr Counsel Anil Saakhare get Rs 1,39,92,539 by various department like UD, Revenue & Forest. Ad U B Nigot get Rs 51,37,849. Ad R M Vasudev get Rs 39,07,193 and Ad Vinay Masurkar get only Rs 13, 000. Interesting that Mr Saakhare charges are so high and touches sky. Rs 1,15,000 is effective hearing, Rs 55,000 Non Effecting hearing and Only Rs 4,000 Conference Charges. Ad U B Nigot and Ad R M Vasudev charges Rs 25,000 for appearance and Rs 4,000 is Conference Charges.  There is around Rs 1 crore bill is till pending with UD department. 

# MMRDA Spend Rs 1.02 Crore

The Main accuse who issue three commencement certificate (CC) and Occupation certifiacte (OC) to Adarsh housing society in south mumbai where 31 -storey Building Stands, spends Rs 1,01,97,275. MMRDA spends croes of Rupees on Adarsh commission from Jan 2011 to March 2013. Construction,Renovation & Electricity at old custom house for Adarsh commission Office, MMRDA spends Rs 52,04,160. On Salary Rs 11,65,723 spend. Rs 4,02,427 was spend on stationary,Computer,lockers,Library books. MMRDA provides only 3 Vehicle to Adarsh Commission's Chairman, Member & Secretary which expenditure was Rs 34,08,977. Other small expenditure claims was Rs  15,988.

Anil Galgali pointed out that The Govt achieved what it had sought to do by appointing a panel that would dilute the controversy. Government safe corrupt politicians and babus who's role has already expose and Rs 7.04 crore  ultimately bears from Public Tax money so this report should be display on government Website, demand Galgali

Monday, 16 December 2013

Without Obtaining Government Permission Prithviraj Chavan rent out his CM quota flat

Prithviraj Chavan got a 40-lakh flat in Wadala only for a Rs 3,66,969 under CM's 5% quota for the poor in 2003. Now himself he bent the rules and rented his flat without obtaining Permission  from Government. Its revealed by RTI Activist Anil Galgali who is a first person expose Mr Clean Image CM. After this new contervarsy CM's Clean Image put on Test.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali come to know that CM rented his flat without obtaining NOC from ULC department of Brihnmumbai. After confirm from ULC department reply dated 23 Sep 2011, Galgali  recently on 13 November 2013  ask information about rented flat of CM at Wadala Truck Terminal Police Station. Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr  Rajdut Rupwate reply to Galgali on 12 December 2013 and confirm that inquiry till going on. He reply that CM Chavan flat not on rent but they give to Mrs Tarana Jagdish Singh on  caretaker basis. Its orally inform by CM PA  Gajanan Ohwalkar and police insists him to file written information. CM Chavan  not inform police anything related this matter so  police not issue any NOC regarding flat on rent. Mr Rupwate further states that information about tenentship  hidden by flat owner, a flat owner will prosecuted  under Section 188 of IPC of  Mumbai Police Act. But Chavan given his flat to  caretaker so no action taken aginst him nor he summons for any  statement. Police may be under pressure so they not supply me a complaint copy which lodge by Venus Housing Society which claims that one Shenha Pujari is a tenent of CM Chavan and create nuisance in society with her other female friend Tarana Singh (now  staying MP Hussain Dalwai 's family  flat). Police are faith on PA's orally dialogues who is not on official PA of CM but has a same person who signed every Chavan papers during process of CM Quota  flat from application to get actual flat possession, Said Galgali who is so surprised whole episode because Prithviraj Chavan himself declared to surrender  the flat of CM quota after take oath as a Chief Minister of Maharastra in 2010. CM claim to return or surrender the flat actually not become reality and  only on paper.           

Anil Galgali urged  Government and Mumbai Police Commissioner to take necessary action against CM who bent rules for his own  benefits and set a new action of course as police act against other flat's owners who without information rented there flat's and facing lots of trouble with police action.

## How CM Get a flat which means for weaker section

Prithviraj Chavan got a 40-lakh flat in Wadala for a mere Rs 3,66,969 under CM's 5% quota for the Economically Weaker section, reveals RTI. An RTI activist Anil Galgali has revealed that the CM bought a property meant for the weaker section of society, worth Rs 40 lakh in Wadala for a Rs 3,66,969, The documents reveal that Chavan had stated his average  Yearly Income as Rs 76,000 and was allotted the flat in Bhakti Park, building no 12, measuring 1032.7 sq ft on May 20, 2003. However, for a family to fall under the Economically Weaker section the annual income should have been under Rs 1.5 lakh in 2003. Ironically, the chief minister in question was none other than Sushilkumar Shinde, who has been accused of clearing the Adarsh housing file during the same period (2003). Economically Weaker section A person having an annual income under Rs 1.5 lakh can apply for a house under the weaker section of society chief minister's quota (2, 5 per cent) schemes. But Congress Leader like Prithviraj Chavan successfully not only  manage the documents but also become Government's one of beneficiary.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Chief Ministers Office does not possess records of files which are 'out of norms' or of 'Individual Interest'

Sharad Pawar's 'Paralytic attack' on CM for not signing files had disturbed the CM Prithviraj Chavan, in his urge to retaliate the CM said that he is prompt in signing files of public interest, but files which are 'out of norms' or of 'Individual interest' are not given priorty. Now on the basis of reply to a query filed by RTI Activist Anil Galgali it has been informed that the Chief Ministers Office (CMO's) file handling dept has no records of files which are classified as 'out of norms' or 'being of individual interest'.

In a query to the CMO filed on 12/09/2013, Anil Galgali sought to know how many files which were out of norms are pending with the CMO? Also details of rejected files? What action has been taken on officers who have sent files which are 'out of norms' or of 'Individual interest'? On the query the Under Secretary of the dept Mr Sanjay Bankar replied on 05/10/2013 that the CM takes an individual decision on each files and after the decision is taken the files are sent back to the respective departments and the CMO does not record or maintain the details of the decision taken. He also attached a detailed report of department wise files received, sent & pending from period 20/11/2010 to 04/10/2013. In the said details it can be learnt, that from 47 departments, the CMO received 28395  files out of which 27135  files have been sent to the respective department and 1257  files are pending with the CM, also none of the files are 'Confidential'. Regarding action taken on officials for sending 'out of norms' & 'individual interest' files he said it was not possible to give such records as the query concerns classified information. Hence it does not come under RTI Act. The RTI Act only entails provision of information which are recorded or descriptive.

An appeal on the above reply was filed before Shri Sunil Patil, Joint Secretary & 1st Appellate authority of CMO on 25/10/2013. The hearing on the appeal was conducted 12/11/2013, in which Mr Galgali urged that if the CMO does not maintain the records of decision taken, then the application be transferred to the respective dept under section 6(3) of the RTI Act 2005. Mr Galgali also said the Mr CM himself has quoted that he does not give priorty to files which are 'out of norms' or of 'individual interest', hence it is possible to maintain such records and action taken on such files, also the record of officials who forward such files.

Mr Patil rejected Galgali's appeal stating that Mr CM's remarks or notings which are put on the files are available with the all respective departments, hence if Galgali wants this information, he may apply to all the 47 departments individually and obtain the information of CM's remarks on Individual files.
Mr Galgali expressed surprise that CMO does maintain the record of files received, sent or pending with it, but does not maintain a record of the CM's remarks on the files concerned. If such a record is maintained this will ensure that there would be no tampering of Remarks or instructions, also a track of officers will get maintained, who pursue files which are 'out of norms' or of ' Individual interest'. Also CM should take action on officer who has sent such files to him for consideration.                                                        

Mumbaikars faces one gang rape in every month

MUMBAI: . India's business capital Mumbai is not safe for women though Government of Maharashtra and Mumbai Police claim is different . The Shakti Mill gang rape case of August was among eight such registered in Mumbai till the middle of that month, an RTI application has shown file by Anil Galgali. The figure for 2013 is likely to be greater:
In November alone, two gangrapes—of minors—were reported in Dindoshi and Borivli Link Road. In comparison, eight gangrapes were reported in all of 2012. The numbers in 2011 and 2010 were nine and seven.Cases of single-offender rape are many times more: 229 were reported in Mumbai this year till 18August 2013 as per an RTI application. This is already more than the numbers recorded last year (223) and the year before (211). 
But women are unsafe in the first place because police presence in the streets has decreased over the years, said activist Anil Galgali, who filed the RTI plea. "Nakabandis by local police personnel used to be conducted often, but their frequency has come down now."
Gang Rape :
No. of Gang Rape
Total Nos. of Accused
2013 (18.08.2013)
Single Offender Rape :
No. of Rapes
2013 ( 18.08.2013)