Monday, 31 December 2012

BMC not aware When Shivaji Maharaj statue is install at Shivaji Park

The pride of Mumbai, a Shivaji Park is mainly knows for The Great Maratha king Charrtapathi Shivaji Maharaj. In a RTI query, MCGM admit that they Have no such Record of  Shivaji Maharaj statue when it was install  at Shivaji Park. 

We asked  Municipal Secretary's dept that When was the Park named as Shivaji Park and when was statue of  Charathapathi Shivaji Maharaj is installed . We also ask the history of shivaji park. The Municipal Secretary dept in a reply clearly admit that they have no such information and detail on Record. They give a copy of notice of motion dated 10 th May 1927 which is proposed by Mr G B Nare,seconded by Mrs Avantikabai Gokhalay. Municipal Corporation modified with permission that in order to commemorate the tricentenary of Shivaji which Falls in coming May, the Mahim Park be named 'Shivaji Park'

Its is So shocking and calls for  inquiry that the MCGM does not have any record of installation of statue of  Charrtapathi Shivaji Maharaj.Every record of notice of motion, amendment and statue of Historical leaders should be  maintain by MCGM and its duty of officers. This shows lack of interest and negligence towards Great legendary personality

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Subodh Jain Pls approve Launching Scheme to complete Santacruz Chembur link Road

Are u aware the work of Santacruz Chembur link Road which funded by World Bank under MUTP is already delayed by 6 years. Central Railway is main hurdle to finalize this remain work bcz they have not approved Launching Scheme for CR main line . If CR approve Launching Scheme within 1 month then SCLR may complete by 31 Oct 2013.

Athak Seva Sangh wrote to Mr. Subodh Jain General Manager, CR and request to finalize all pending issues of MMRDA / MSRDC related to SCLR.We follow up the SCLR since beginning get a latest reply from MMRDA vide letter dated 15 Dec 2012 that Bcz of delay in rehabilitation of PAPs as per World Bank Norms, essential shifting of service line, additional work (LTT Arm) suggested by Central Railway & non approval is main cause of delay work.The 60 % portion of SCLR's is passing through Central Railway area so its necessary to seek the permission from CR. CR has not sanctioned the GAD, designs further the launching scheme is still pending with Railway.  Beside to approve the earlier drawings CR pressure to MMRDA/state govt to construct the approach road to tilak nagar terminal. which MMRDA has also approved looking to the importance & early completion of the project. Further, MMRDA rehabilitated about 4000 family till date, which is one of the major rehabilitation in any single project.We urges to Mr Subodh Jain that SCLR is mainly beneficial to Mumbaikar as well as Navi Mumbaikar and this project may save fuel costing about Rs 320 Crs. Per year. Considering the cost implication on the construction of SCLR and National benefit in terms of saving in the fuel cost & reducing the pollution, Central Railway needs to be immediately approved all the pending issues of MMRDA.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Maharastra Govt Tardy Attitude- When Mumbaikar gets Rajeev Gandhi Vima Card

Govt of Maharashtra introduced Rajeev Gandhi Jeevandaayi Aarogya Vima Yojana in 2012 with fanfare spending croes of rupees. But due to carelessness of state govt functionary, this scheme is dying before getting into the hands of needy people.

Firstly Health Dept sought the help of Rationing Dept to get Income details of the beneficiaries and prepared the card. In March 2012 state govt dispatched lacks of cards to all Ration offices across the city. 1st April 2012 all cards were handed over to  Aaganwadi women social worker to distribute door to door with a wage of 3 rupees for per card. The distribution of work properly done till 30 June this year, but after that it was again handed over to respective Rationing offices for unexplainable reasons. Its deplorable that 70 % cards are still lying futile at rationing offices and unfortunately govt is not taking cognizance of it. Even needy and common people are going to collect by hand at offices but they find the doors locked.

Its Govt Tardy attitude and the health Dept's poor planning and mismanagement are the main reasons why this system is stuck. Its questions, "Why do not these cards are distributed by health centres bcz all areas there is health centre and common man is ready to go and collect their cards.It is notable that alone in 32 E Kurla are 45000 cards lying undistributed.It willl save govt money also and proper use of cards in critical condition to poor man.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mr Ratnakar Gaikwad Should Pay Dues & show Ethics

The Mumbai Metropolitan Development Authority (MMRDA) led by Rahul Asthana has Wrote to chief secretary that Mr   Ratnakar  Gaikwad Should pay Dues which is use during his CS tenure. Gaikawad dues scam come in light after RTI plea.

MMRDA already issue a notice cum letter  to former commissioner and his predecessor Ratnakar Gaikwad asking him to pay dues worth over Rs 1,32,232  pending against him for the use of telephone, internet and gas connection facilities by him at his official residence.
Asthana-led MMRDA claims it had provided and paid for these services at Gaikwad's official residence for over a year even after he was transferred to Mantralaya as chief secretary.

An RTI query has revealed MMRDA had sent a notice cum letter to its former commissioner   Ratnakar Gaikwad asking him to pay total Rs 1.33 lakh dues against use of facilities usage for over a year between January 2011 and May 2012 at Jetwan, official residence of the MMRDA chief. Gaikwad is now the state information commissioner.

MMRDA said Gaikwad was not entitled to these facilities because he was the CS when he stayed in MMRDA's accommodation. Upon receiving the notice Gaikwad paid over Rs 15,500 against the phone bill but his present office as state information commissioner has now refused to pay the remaining amount, over Rs 1.15 lakh, saying he was also chief of MMRDA's executive committee, during his posting as CS.

After this high level misuse issue some top officers of UD dept trying to close this dues chapter and helpout Mr Gailkwad. The latest letter to chief secretary by  MMRDA refutes this claim saying the facility was not applicable to him as the CS. The letter clearly mention that MMRDA Act & under resolution no 1158 of 4 March 2010 of 240th Executive Committee, allows the MMRDA's new quarters free of rent and electricity only for metropolitan commissioner, joint metropolitan commissioner and additional metropolitan commissioner at their official quarters. Aastana also indicate that sanction benefit should give to Chief Secretary or Chairman of  Executive Committee is not clearly mention in resolution so its not permitted to  Chief Secretary or Chairman of  Executive Committee. In Past MMRDA not give any such type of benefit so if  allowed now then in future also we bound of that and  This could set a dangerous precedent.Now its duty of CM and some Top officers not to interfere in this Issue.Insted of appreciate MMRDA action some officers trying to close Gaikwad chapter. Now its good time to Mr Gakiwad to pay all dues and show his Ethics...

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Nonsense Kerala CM Oommen Chandy

Respected Prime Minister,

 The Kerala Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy has asked the Centre to immediately consider releasing some detained Somali pirates to facilitate the release of seven Indian sailors being held captive for last two years. Taking up the issue with Shipping Minister G K Vasan and External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid, Chandy expressed anguish over the delay in swapping of the Somali pirates lodged in Mumbai jails for the Indian hostages — a demand made by pirates in Somalia. “I don’t think there is no other way out to save the lives of Indians who have been held hostages since September 28, 2010. What is the use in keeping these pirates in our jails?” Chandy said here.

Its so nonsense demand by Chief Minister. He should learn lesson from Maharashtra government. Govt's duty is to see that how Indian Sailors bring back Safely and We think Indian Govt's are trying to do their duties well. Till 160 Sailors are release so  The Kerala Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy is baseless and shows his immaturity. So Govt's should  warn the Cheapness of The Kerala Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy and Take appreciated action.

Thanking you,

Anil Galgali
2,Old Kharwala chawl,Kajupada,Sakinaka,Mumbai-4000872

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Kasab hanged what about others14, Dear Mr President,

1) The Hon'ble President of India,
New Delhi.

Sub : Kasab hanged what about others14, Dear Mr President,
Dear Mr President,

Finally one more Dangerous than Dengue fame Ajamal Kasab's name deleted from India’s list of pending mercy petitions. He was the only gunman who didn’t die during the 2008 attacks on Mumbai on 26 Nov.There are more Kasab's who's mercy petition till pending at President of India or Ministry of Home.The plea, which the president of India will review, might not trigger the debate that India needs to have about how long it takes to answer these pleas. The trouble is, it’s not complicated enough.

We urge to set up a fast track policy for disposal of such mercy petition, The Govt till not decide nor give simply single reply on my 29 Aug 2012 open letter to Prime Minister of India.The attacks scarred India and altered its dynamics with neighbour and perpetual sparring partner Pakistan. India maintains that the Mumbai attacks were carried out with assistance from Pakistani ‘state actors’.

Mercy petitions are more trouble in cases such as Afzal Guru and Balwant Singh Rajoana like 14.Sources said the Home Ministry had submitted Afzal Guru's case to the President's Secretarial for a decision on July 27, 2011 with the recommendation that the clemency petition should be rejected.Guru was convicted of conspiracy in December 13, 2001 Parliament attack and the order to sentence him to death was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2004. The sentence was scheduled to be carried out on October 20, 2006.Guru's execution was, however, stayed following a mercy petition filed by his wife. He remains on death row since then. Guru was convicted for his role in an attack on the Indian parliament in 2001, and sentenced to death in 2005. The president received his mercy plea in 2011. The government has been dithering over his petition, and Guru’s case could inflame passions in an already uneasy Kashmir. Perhaps the way to get politicians to think less about their interests and more about the nation’s interests is to amend the Indian Constitution. That way you can say that you’re just upholding the law of the land.Article 72, which allows India’s president to pardon people on death row, is vague.
Set a time during which convicts can file mercy petitions to the government. Maybe 1 month from the date of conviction. Make the Home Ministry adhere to a time limit to send recommendations to the president. Give the president a deadline too so convicts do not languish in jail.Anyone can file mercy petitions on behalf of convicts. Specify, at least to some extent, who is (or isn’t) eligible to file. Draw up guidelines. In short, be specific aout the process, but not so much so that there is no room for exceptional circumstances. Now it’s the time of tough decisions and reforms.

Yours Faithfully,

Anil Galgali

Monday, 19 November 2012

Please Extend the Enrollment Drive at least 10 days ie till 30 Nov 2012

1) Mr. V.S.Sampath
Chief Election Commissioner
Election Commission of India
Nirvachan Sadan,
Ashoka Road, New Delhi-110001

2) Dr. Nasim Zaidi
Election Commissioner
New Delhi-110001

3) Chief Electoral Officer,

Sub:  Please Extend the Enrollment Drive at least 10 days ie till 30 Nov 2012

Respected Sir,

From last 7 days due to critical condition of  balasaheb Thackre & Sat his death. Lot of common man not reach to nearest Election Enrollment centre to register new name or other correction Voter list. Also it seen that nearabout all centers are closed Sat & Sunday. My humble request to u that please extend the Enrollment Drive at least 10 days ie till 30 Nov 2012

Anil Galgali

Saturday, 17 November 2012


·         Shiv Sena patriarch Balasaheb Thackeray, who was critically ill for the past few days, passed away at his residence 'Matoshree' in suburban Bandra Saturday. We looses big supporter of RTI.                                                                                                                                        I offer my deepest condolences on the sad demise of Late Balasaheb Thackeray.We pray almighty lord to bestow eternal peace on the blessed departed soul, Balasaheb was a strong supporter of transparency, and always supported the RTI Movement. When there is always attack on RTI Activists and also some leaders trying to kill RTI Act Movement that time Balasaheb strongly support By his editorial. He always suggested UPA as well as Maharashtra Govt to serious on RTI.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

CM Prithviraj Chavan are surrender the Wadala Flat which means for Weaker Section

Mr Prithviraj Chavan 
Chief Minister of Maharastra,

Sub: After 2 Years till u not surrender CM quoto flat nor state govt respond my complaints reg same

First up all ,I will congratulate to u for successful 2 years tenor as a chief minister of Maharastra. When u sworn as a chief minister of Big state maharastra, that day Some media focus a flat issue which you owns at Bhakti Park,Wadala for a mere 4 lakh under CM's 5% quota for the poor in 2003. You bought a flat that was reserved for the poor in Venus building, Bhakti Park in Wadala.That time u assured that if their is any irregularity u may surrender the flat. But action fm your side till in pipe line.

As per doucment which through RTI revels that you bought a property meant for the weaker section of society, worth Rs 40 lakh in Wadala for a mere Rs 4 lakh,The documents reveal that you had stated his average monthly income as Rs 76,000 and was allotted the flat in Bhakti Park, building no 12, measuring 1032.7 sq ft on May 20, 2003.

That time you was an MP based in Delhi, had quoted your monthly income as Rs 76,000 in the application, the ration card copy issued in his late mother Pramilabai Dajisaheb Chavan's name showed the annual family income as just Rs 1 lakh.

However, for a family to fall under the weaker section the annual income should have been under Rs 1.5 lakh in 2003. But your income clearly was far more than that. Or You Shown yearly 76000 its may be an inquiry part bcz monthly income never shown in this quoto flat by any successor till last year. Secondly 
You also give this flat on lease which is violation of basic rule regulation. After Revels you cancel the said lease & now flat is fully vacant.

I am not against you nor any political interest. The only reason to file an RTI in December 2008 was to get the list of people who had obtained flats under the chief minister's quota. I had information about rampant misuse of the scheme to benefit certain people from well-to-do families depriving the rights of poor."
I got the list of beneficiaries since 1984 to Feb 2009, including names of journalists, freedom fighters, politicians, artists, etc." A person having an annual income under Rs 1.5 lakh can apply for a house under the weaker section of society chief minister's quota schemes. My complaints reg same are till pending in your kind office as well as UD department. No Action nor any specific reason reply send to me which is also basic violation of Citizen charter. 

Now your Mr Clean image has been put to the test. Its my humble request that pls act as a good gentleman & surrender the same flat & put a good message to society that even you as a chief minister is wrong,it will be rectify the wrong things & action should against your self also be initiated.


Yours Faithfully,

Anil Galgali

Monday, 5 November 2012

R CM Dare to take Return back prime plot Owned Gandhi Family Trust

from year 1983 continuesly by giving extension to Ms Associate  Journal ltd a plot around 3479.26 sq mt, a prime location plot at Bandra which now owns to Gandhi Family. This come light by RTI query. Athak Seva Sanghy demand  to Chief  MInister of Maharastra that cancel the lease & take back the prime location plot & construct a  Hostel for Schedule Cast Student which is  originally purpose in 1964 

Ms Associated Journal company that publishes National Herald and Quami Awaz was allotted a prime plot of land by the government of Maharashtra in suburban Mumbai, ostensibly for a press and a Nehru memorial library, neither of which was built. While a large part of the plot remains vacant after being allotted in 1983. State govt favor bcz its owns to Gandhi Family Trust even their is rule that if lease owner not develped the alloted plot within 2 years, Govt have power to took back the plot. But Govt always give priority & Revenue minister in 2001 arrange special meeting to help out the company though their is clear cut Collecter office report that the lease company violated the land rule & should pay around 3.77 cr rupess to govt. Interesting that One portion was parcelled off in 2000 to a housing society floated by Congressman Rajiv Chavan in which former Mumbai Congress chief Kripashankar Singh is a member.IAS officer Jairaj Phatak, Swadhin Kstriaya,H K Jawale, Jt CP Himashu Roy,Kishore Gajbeye are also member of said society. This land, facing the Western Express Highway and a stone’s throw away from Bandra station, is now home to Sai Prasad Housing Society, home to Singh, Chavan and a bunch of top bureaucrats some of who already own other properties in the city and some others who are under the scanner in the Adarsh scam
We used the Right to Information Act to obtain details about the plot on which Sai Prasad building stands, has now written to chief minister Prithviraj Chavan demanding that Associated Journal Ltd’s land be taken back by the government. 
“The plot was given for daily news publication, a Nehru library and a research centre in 1983 but it is still as it is. The government should take the land back and build a hostel for students (Scheduled Caste) for which it was originally reserved,” Athak Seva Sangh letter dated November 2 says.

Not only did Associated Journals not construct the press building and library, but it also managed to obtain repeated extensions from the state government while continuing to hold on to the 30-year lease, which now expires next year. Also, sources said the company owes a sum of over Rs3.76 crore to the state government in unpaid lease rent.
When a part of the plot was allotted to Sai Prasad, Singh was guardian minister for the Mumbai suburban region.
“Will you as chief minister be able to initiate proceedings for the state government to reclaim land that is now under the control of Rahul Gandhi? There is a question about this,” We said in his letter. The company Young Indian, which now controls Associated Journals has its eye on the latter’s considerable real estate assets. Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are among the main shareholders of Young Indian.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mr CM please pay attention to the Bureaucrats Habit of Self Indulgence

Dear Mr CM,

I wish to invite your attention on the issue of Ex CS Mr Ratnakar Gaikwad's self indulgence in creating beneficial facilities for their own selves. I have nothing personal against or for Mr Gaikwad, it is the issue of moral's ethics, which lays the basics of good governance. We don't know how many more bureaucrats have similarly misused the system before or may be misusing the system even now. But they have this habit of terming themselves as holy cows.

The issue of Mr Gaikwad is very simple, he occupied a house, which he was entitled to as Metropolitan Commissioner of MMRDA. But after promotion as CS he continued to occupy the same pent house ad measuring 8000 sq ft. After his being appointed as CS, the GAD issued two different allotment orders with regard to his accommodation as CS. The 1st order dt 18/01/2011 has mentioned that Mr Gaikwad is being allotted a house on JETVAN bldg in BKC and will continue to use the 8-9th floor pent house which he occupied as MMRDA commissioner till the time a new MMRDA Commissioner is appointed. Once a new MMRDA Commissioner is appointed Mr Gaikwad will have to shift to a flat on the 6th Floor in the same bldg, namely JETVAN.

After taking charge as CS, Mr Gaikwad may have used his position to modify the previous order dt 18/01/2011 and the GAD issued a fresh order for allotment on date 16/03/2011 stating that Mr Gaikwad may continue to use the flat which he was occupying as MMRDA Commissioner for further periods without having to pay rent.

It is important to note that the flat the he occupied was reserved for the person holding MMRDA Commissioners post. whereas the new order did not specify what arrangements was done for the new incumbent MMRDA Commissioner. Finally the incumbent MMRDA Commissioner was made to stay in the 6th floor flat which was allotted to MR Gaikwad.

The irony of the fact is that the MMRDA Commissioner continues to occupy the 6th floor flat, whereas Mr Gaikwad still lords over the Pent house though he has retired as CS, but it is another case that he got himself appointed as Chief Information Commissioner (CIC). The MMRDA has issued a letter cum notice to Mr Gaikwad to pay Rs 1,33,232=00 for using telephone, Internet Data card, MGL connection and electricity bill, out of which Mr Gaikwad has paid only Rs 15,536=00 out of the same.

I wish to highlight here that one should learn from Manohar Joshi (Ex CM) & R R Patil (Ex - Dy CM), who quit their official bungalows within one hour of resigning from their respective posts.

I wish to request you to kindly take a review meeting of all the activities of the bureaucrats as well as Ministers etc to maintain discipline on such issues. The concerned departments should be instructed to take strict action on the errant babu's.

Yours Faithfully,

Anil Galgali,
Athak Seva Sangh.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Maharashtra RTI activist petitions PM over unfilled vacancies

Maharashtra RTI activist petitions PM over unfilled vacancies

Another Thane-based RTI activist said the delay tactics at various levels have resulted in a backlog of over 21,000 applications across the state.

Mr CM wake up & control State Info Commission

Right from the inception of the State Information Commission in 2005, the state has neglected this statutory body and damaged it. Over the last 6 months, this office has been functioning without a Secretary, severely handicapping its functioning. Our NGO Athak Seva Sangh wrote a letter in this regard to the Chief Minister, Chief secretary & Principal Secartary, urging them to fill up the vacanct posts on a priority basis.                                              
                                                                                                                                                              This letter addressed to CM & others explains that how SIC work is adversely affected by the vacancies. Today, Mumbai, Kokan & Amaravati Commissioners posts  are vacant. Near about 41 % Staff are Vacant. The Key Post of Secretary is vacant from May 2012.

State Government also not  provide a franking Machine to the eight information commissioners offices to minimize delays and costs when sending notices of hearing to public info officers, First appellate authorities and appellants. Postage charges are a heavy burden on these offices.

The lengthy wait for a second appeal hearing, often stretching 12-18 months, is actually causing lower compliance anc carelessness by PIOs, thereby causing the number of appeals to multiply. Knowing that the Hearing by Information Commissioner will take a long time, they do not give proper and timely response to RTI Applicants.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hope Maharastra Human Rights now Act against Rioters

Athak Seva Sangh Sat, 18 Aug wrote letter to State Human Rights & urges to
Registering a case against Rioters of 11/08/2012 by the Human Rights Commission for attacking on duty Policemen & Women, also molesting on duty women cop  and thereby violating basic human rights of the police staff. The letter as follows........

I hereby wish to draw your kind attention towards the incident of Riots created by miscreants on 11/08/2012 during the protest gathering of muslim organisations at Azad Maidan.

During the said protest, some protestors started rioting and caused large scale destruction of public property, media & govt vehicles and property. During the

inhuman act the rioters attacked the police men & women on duty, also attacked common citizens and passerby's. They have even molested the women police staff on bandobast duty. 

I feel they have by this way violated the basic human rights of the passerby's, on duty police men & women. Hence the State Human Rights Commission should take a sou-moto cognizance of the incident and register a case with itself against the rioters, organizers and perpetrators of the crime and punish the offenders.

I hope you will look into the representation and take appropriate action on the same.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Anil Galgali,
Athak Seva Sangh,

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mr Sitaram Kunte Pls Repair Water Hydrant

Its shocking news that 90 % Water Hydrent in Mumbai Area are out of service.Any Emergency situation like fire,Fire brigade Dept take water fm nearby water Hydrant & try to control on fire bt unfortunately blessing of Bmc Water construction dept 90 % Water Hydrant r nt working throughout Mumbai jurisdiction.

Bmc Hydraulic dept have Deputy HE who's work to maintain & repair this water hydrant timely bt HE water construction dept never see that wt bad condition of hydrant nor check it in a year.Fire Dept also nt serious on this issue though its also their duty to check the condition of Water Hydrant Monthly basis & report to HE Dept.Bmc Water Dept negligence only 1048 hydrant Are working out of 10220 Hydrant.9172 are  not working. In emergency this Hydrant are Helpful to Fire Brigade for Fire operation. HE dept whose role is crucial. The city & suburb have Executive Engineert but they are busy with Road Contracter who are Damage the water hydrant during road work. Its duty of Road contracter to repair it properly & after that HE dept issue NOC to release their Payment. We demand to Municipal commissioner Sitaram Kunte to inquire whole water hydrant scam & punish guilty bmc officer & also Blacklist the contracter.

Maharastra Govt itself Responsible for fire & Destroyed Mantralaya

            We Demand to filing of case on the PWD & GAD Dept’s for negligence of Fire Audit safety norms which resulted in fire and destroyed Mantralaya. They igonered the Maharashtra Fire Prevention & Life safety measure Act, 2006 &  Also Fire Safety Audit Report.The incident of major fire at Mantralaya on 21/06/2012. This fire resulted in casualty of 5 persons and 16 persons injured.

               The Fire safety Audit was done in the year 2008 and a report was submitted on 29/09/2008 to the Govt. The Audit reported 32 risk, which included civil & electrical defects like, parking of cars in mandatory open spaces around Mantralaya, files and old records strewn on all the floors, storage of scrap materials on all floors and cylinder used for cooking on mezzanine, 5th & 6th Floors. It also highlighted defects in electrical wiring and alterations. Additions made near staircases and lobby was also pointed out. It is important to note that the report specifically had mentioned that if ever any incident of fire happens in 4th, 5th, 6th floors including CM’s office there were no precautionary measures in place. The Mumbai Fire Brigade once again reminded the govt in 2010 after the Goel shopping centre fire episode.

  It is important to note that it was the responsibility of the PWD Dept to follow and implement the report; likewise it was also important for GAD to monitor the implementation of the report, which certainly has not happened, which has been proved with the incident. Likewise the 7th floor was also irregular.We  request  Mumbai Police Commissioner Arup Patnayak & Marin Drive Police Station to investigate the case keeping in mind all sabotage angle’s, because with the implementation of RTI Act, there were many queries pending with govt on various issues. Now with the fire destroying everything, it will become convenient for the govt to simple respond that the records were destroyed in fire. Hence it may be with the purpose that the Audit report advice was not implemented.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Review the appointment of ‘Adarsh’ tainted Ratnakar Gaikwad named to be the State Chief Information Commissioner.

The Govt of Maharashtra on Wednesday recommended its former retd Chief Secretary Ratnakar Gaikwad’s name for appointment as the next State Chief Information Commissioner’s post.
 Shri Gaikwad is under scanner of the CBI for his role as MMRDA Metropolitan Commissioner, wherein he issued CC & Then OC to the now famous Adarsh Society.Also as Chief Secretary he authored the modification in RTI Act, which is being protested all over, by this modification the essence of the RTI Act is being killed. Now with his appointment as CIC the RTI Act will face certain death.                                                                                     

This post was vacant since 24/07/2011 after the term of Shri Vilas Patil ended, since then it has appeared that the post was kept vacant for Shri Gaikwad which is indeed shocking. Due to this post being kept vacant almost 30,000 2nd appeals are pending before the CIC, for which the govt is responsible.We request to The GOVERENOR to cancel the appointment Shri Ratnakar Gaikwad and appoint some other capable person who can instill the promise of transparency which the Act entail’s.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mumbaikars should not expect flood situation to improve this monsoon

   Mumbaikars should not expect flood situation to improve this monsoon as the rock blasting work is yet not completed at the mouth of Mithi River, courtesy; not the MMRDA, but the contractor along with Vice chairman of Maharashtra legislature council Vasant Davkhare appointed by the development body is creating hurdles.
A Right to Information filed by our NGO Athak Seva Sangh, has revealed that the MMRDA had issued the contract to the consortium of BPL-BCC for carrying out rock blasting work in the Mithi River.
The work order was to carry out the entire work within a span of 15 months for excavating 2,75,000 cubic meters of rock at an estimated cost of Rs 37 crore.
   The contractor was given extension twice once upto June 30, 2009 and second till January 31, 2011 to complete the works, but the same was not carried out and eventually contract was cancelled.
The contractor BPL-BCC approached the high court (court order dated April 4, 2012) to create hurdles of re-tendering of works. Apart from that the MMRDA officials were also pressurized by the contractor through Davkhare to clear the contract amount of Rs 37 crore.
In a letter to the MMRDA, Davkhare claims that 86 per cent of the works has been completed by the contractor, when the fact is less than 20 per cent have been done in a period of two years.
This has result in MMRDA being forced to shell out additional Rs 6 crore, as it had to float fresh bids for the same job at a cost of Rs 43 crore. Still Davkhare ordered the MMRDA to stay the fresh bidding process & appoint arbitrator
    "It is this political interference that is creating problem to the Mumbaikars, even additional Rs 6 crore is being spent, which is tax payers money. Politicians should take a stand towards public and not stand for contractors. I have also highlighted this issue, by approaching the chief minister to conduct an independent inquiry against Davkhare and blacklist the contractor in the state,” 

Friday, 11 May 2012

Thousand's of Mumbaikar Waiting For Justice

  Sachin Tendulkar not Bat RTI info on fine he paid for Bandra bungalow.Sachin Tendulkar Refuse to give any type of information under RTI Act where he had moved into the bungalow without procuring the mandatory OC. Following a controversy over the "illegal occupancy", the Master Blaster paid a penalty to the civic authority.

  Master blaster and MP-in-waiting Sachin Tendulkar has no-balled public disclosure of his Bandra bungalow details. In particular, Tendulkar does not want the fine he paid for occupying his new home without an occupation certificate to be revealed under the RTI (Right to Information) Act. "In Sachin Tendulkar's case, he has objected to information pertaining to his home being revealed under RTI to a third party," the BMC said in a reply to me. I had asked the civic body for information about the fine levied on Tendulkar and the amount he paid for occupying his multi-storey bungalow on Perry Cross Road at Bandra. "Civic officials have violated the RTI Act by refusing to furnish the details bcz when any case where levies charge, that doucment automatically Become a part of Record".Last year Tendulkar had moved into the bungalow without procuring the mandatory OC. Following a controversy over the "illegal occupancy", the cricketer paid a penalty to the civic authority. By Misusing the The 11 (1) Rule of RTI Act "The BMC asked Tendulkar whether the information sought should be provided to the applicant. Then He  objected to furnishing of details of the fine imposed on him. Therefore, the former municipal commissioner decided against the applicant.

  In this case question arises why Bmc made this RTI Third Party case bcz levied charge itself a part of official Record & Record couldn't have Third Party claim even he or she involved. Our  NGO Athak Seva Sangh wrote to Municipal Commissioner & Complaint that Bmc officer unnecessary divert Rti plea. We also demand that if Tendulkar can get OC after pay levies then throughout Mumbai apply Tendulkar Pattern to Sanction OC to Societies & Buildings who r unable to get OC same like Tendulkar. We waiting for justice & excepted Quick move by Municipal Commissioner.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sinister Amendments to RTI Act by Maharashtra Govt

There is something sinister about the Maharashtra government’s move to surreptitiously introduce amendments to the Right to Information Act. According to the amendments — which, incidentally, were introduced on January 16 & 31 but did not come to light till late March when activists chanced upon it — an applicant can ask questions only on a single subject, her application cannot exceed 150 words, and, during inspection, she can carry no other writing instruments barring a pencil.
Such rules have clearly been brought in to rein in not just enthusiastic activists, but also the common man. There is also something ironic about the manner in which our bureaucrats, who often use three words where one would do, demand brevity from citizens, many of whom are mostly illiterate people for whom the RTI Act is the last resort after all other avenues have failed them. That the government did not even bother to have a public debate on the amendments, something that it is mandated to do by law, not only shows it is motivated but also makes the amendments illegal.
As such, the state is floundering on the RTI front thanks to a dearth of commissioners and many other posts all the way down the hierarchy that have remained vacant for a long time. At such a juncture, by focussing its energy on making information-seeking harder rather than striving to ensure the smooth functioning of the system, the state has clearly betrayed its motives. The only way forward now is for the state to strike down the amendments, sit down with RTI activists and look at positive changes in the law that will make information-seeking more user-friendly.