Saturday, 31 May 2014

BMC suffers Rs 100 crore loss in Water and Sewage charges,to unholy nexus of its officials with builders

It has come to notice that the BMC officials in collusion with builders are not recovering extra water and additional sewarage charges before issuing the CC (Commencement Certificate) for the buildings, which has resulted in loss of approx Rs 100 crores for the BMC. After a complaint was filed by Social Activist Anil Galgali, the officials to cover up their act has now recovered Rs 19.60 crores in the further ongoing projects to actions.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali, also Chairman of Athak Seva Sangh had vide his letter dt 06/09/2013 addressed to Shri Sitaram Kunte highlighted how the loopholes in the improvised water charges rules is resulting in losses to the BMC revenue. After Kunte ordered a enquiry in the issue, the things suddenly started changing. The Water supply dept and the Sewerage dept started scrurinizing the building proposals in the Water and Building Proposal dept and recovered Rs 19.60 crores. Water Supply and Sewage department's Chief Accounted H.M.Nikam inform Mr Galgali that they received Rs 19.60 crore from 250 connection in various ward's. The highest amount recovered in P North Ward was Rs 6,59,75,884. Then S Ward (3,89,01,167), H West Ward (2,34,43,019), E Ward (1,26,79,167), D Ward (1,15,64,521) has recovers amount above 1 crore.

BMC's Hydraulic dept had modified the rules for levying water charges and the same was implemented from 16/06/2012 onwards. In the improvised rules while considering new building proposals as per rule no 1.1 it was supposed to levy Rs 475 per sq mtr as charges for extra water supply for additional construction and As charges for additional and basement construction area. It was also proposed to recover  60 % as Sewerage charges. The said conditions were included in the IOD issued for the project. But the due diligence to ensure that the conditions of IOD were fulfilled at the time of issueing CC was never done at the behest of officials who are hand in glove with the builders for their mutual benefit.

Inspite of recovery of Rs 19.60 crores on the complaint of Anil Galgali, it is being observed the the losses due to nexus could be to the tune of Rs 100 crores, no actions are being initiated against the officials involved in the lapses. Anil Galgali in a letter addressed to Sitaram Kunte has demanded actions against the officials involved and also further increase the intensity of the scrutiny which will surely ensure recovery of revenue of almost Rs 100 cr.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

MCGM spent Rs 79.63 lakh on lawyers in Campa Cola illegality case

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai(MCGM) spent Rs 79.63 lakh to rope in senior advocates in  Campa Cola illegality in various Courts. A query filed by Anil Galgali under the RTI Act, revealed that MCGM hired senior advocates to fight the cases challenging the Campa Cola legality. MCGM had hired senior advocates Gulam Vanwati- known for fighting tricky cases- Pallav Sisodia, S.U. Kamdar and Joquim Rais. In a case of illegality no staff was responsible, claims by MCGM.

RTI Activists Anil Galgali file a query with MCGM Building Proposal Department on 18 November 2013. That department transfer Galgali's  application to legal department. MCGM's legal department PIO & Dy Law Officer P. V.Naik said the MCGM had paid Rs 79,63,000 to the four lawyers. He claims that expenses incurred by the MCGM towards payment of Counsels engaged in representing and pleding in the case of Campa Cola. The information obtained from the record maintained by the Accounts Department of the legal department in day to day discharge of their duties.

According information supply by legal department clears that in Bombay City Civil Court, MCGM hire Counsel Joquim Rais and pay him Rsc1,50,000. In High Court, Counsel S.U. Kamdar attend case and received Rs 1,35,000 for his apperence. In Supreme Court, MCGM so caution so they hire two Counsel named Gulam Vanwati and Pallav Sisodia. Gulam Vanwati who is also ex Attorney General of India, get Rs 57,75,00 and Pallav Sisodia get Rs 19,03,000 for there appears.

Anil Galgali also sought to know that how many officers and other staff suspended and dismissed by MCGM in Campa Cola illegality case. Building Proposal department Assistant Engineer Shri M.G.Borikar Claims that such type of information not available on their office record.