Tuesday, 30 April 2013

FIR for disproportionate Assets has been registered by ACB Should be public


The ACB after thorough investigation in the cases of Disproportionate Assets have filed FIR against accused, Athak seva sangh chairman and RTI Activists Anil Galgali wrote 6 month back to Chief Minister Prithiviraj Chavan to  make public the list of the names of the person against whom FIR for Disproportionate Assets have been registered he also suggested and insisted the list should be made available on website of ACB. 

Anil Galgali sought the information through RTI the details of Disproportionate Assets cases and FIR Registered, in the beginning the ACB ignored the RTI application and denied the information, After filing First Appeal Anil Galgali in the hearing put forward his arguments that where is the logic in denying and suppressing the information when FIR's have been registered and investigation have been done,

ACB few regions have provided the information and some Regions have not yet responded till date in giving the information. The efforts and consistent follow up with the ACB  by Anil Galgali to seek information virtually became a gold mine of information- those individuals who were investigated for amassing wealth Disproportionate to their known sources of income includes High Profile Ministers, Police officers, Govt officials of various Dept.  In Mumbai Division, from 1997 to 2011, 212 complaints were made out of which 157 are closed. Only 31 FIR lodged in which 1 person is found guilty. Then Social Welfare minister Baban Rao Gholp, Mahananda Dairy Executive Director Shivaji Rao Talekar, MPSC Chairman Dr Shashikant Karnik, police officer Daya Nayak, Cooper Postmaterm central medical officer Dr Vasant Vanmore, Govt press director P S More are some big name who are accused in Disproportionate Assets.  
ACB Mumbai has also conducted Gopaniya inquiry in which 508 cases are closed out of 557.

In Thane region from 2004 to 2011 only 9 cases are registered in Disproportionate Assets. KDMC Assitant Director sunil joshi 's case is famous In Nagpur region from 2009 to 2011, till 77 complaint received in which 5 cases were registered. Only 14 out of 123 in Yavatmaal region, 9 out of 88 in Amaravati region,5 out of 18 in Buldhana are registered. 22 in Nashik, 2 in Akola and 6 in Vashim are register by ACB.  

Total 524 complaints received in which 97 cases are registered by ACB from 1997 to 2011. It is quite Surprising that only 3 accused are convicted.Anil Galgali wrote to Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary of Home Dept and Director of General of ACB on 1 Oct 2012 and simply demanded that all registered Disproportionate Assets cases are a part of Govt Record so it should be made public by publishing on ACB official Website Under Section 4(1) of RTI Act 2005 and also Maharastra Record Act 2005.  Till date Mr Clean CM has not taken any step or shown interest nor gave any Reply to Galgali  " The Govt always indirectly supports corrupt Babus and leaders. Being shamed publicly could be a deterrent to gathering such ill- gotten wealth," says Galgali. 

# No Individual efforts to  convict corrupt babus and leaders

When Anill Galgali ask to ACB that what is ur criteria to lodge FIR or  registered case in  Disproportionate Assets. ACB claim that those individuals who were investigated for amassing wealth Disproportionate to their known sources of income is should be more than 10%. Sometimes ACB officials under political pressure or other reason success to close the case or the name of investigation whole process delay, Blame Galgali. Last 17 years only 3 are actual convicted in  
Disproportionate Assets is a best example indicated that ACB officials not
took individual efforts.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Railway Staff, Police Travel ticket less nuisance to the Genuine Commuter

 A query under the Right to Information (RTI) Act  revealed that 671 Railway employees ,101 security personnel and 27 Home guard were caught traveling without a valid ticket on Central Railway from April 2009 to Jan 2013. Central Railway fail to collect penalty Rs 72,234 from 232 who were caught traveling without a Valid  ticket. CR ticket examiners collected Rs 1,97,123 in fines from 567 Railway employees, Maharastra police and Home Guard.

In his RTI reply, Atul Rane, senior divisional commercial manager and public Information officer  provide information. The security personnel include those from Maharastra Police, Railway Protection Force and Government Railway Police. While Rs 1,38,07 was collected in fines from 42 personnel and Rs 736 from Home guard. Rs 1,82,580 was collected in fines from 523 Railway Employees.

"Neither GRP, nor Maharastra  police personnel are permitted to travel without proper ticket in any of the class on Indian Railways." So all travel ticket less are penalize by section 137 & 138 Under Indian Railway Act, 1989

" We found many instances of railway employees and security personnel traveling without a valid ticket in suburban and non-suburban trains. Many railway employees travel in first class though they are eligible to travel only in second class."

 "We feel that the actual quantum of local police personnel and railway staff traveling without authority on railway trains in all classes is more when compared with the data provided under the RTI. It is nuisance to the genuine commuter with valid pass or ticket."

Athak Seva Sangh has sent copies of the RTI reply the heads of police organizations in the State and also CR- WR General Manager "The statistics prove that it is a serious issue and the organization heads should issue instructions or initiate steps to stop this practice among their employees."  and  urges Central Railway General Manager that Central Railway fail to collect penalty Rs 72,234 from 232 who were caught traveling without a Valid  ticket and display all travel ticket less defaulter's name in at website under the section 4(1) under RTI Act 2005. Why not CR wrote to there respective department so penalty will cut from there monthly salary.

Its surprised that Western Railway and Other Divisional Railway Manger office's   have not separate Record of Railway Staff, Police and home guard travel ticket less.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

After 27 Month Chief Information Commissioner Rantakar Gaikwad Vacates the MMRDA'S Pent House

 After 27 Month Chief Information Commissioner Rantakar Gaikwad of Maharastra vacates the Pent House which He was unethically occupying and enjoying, In-fact the duplex flat the Pent House was exclusively meant for MMRDA Commissioner, He was forced to vacate the lavish duplex  Pent House due to embarrassment caused to the Govt. as well as to himself, due to media reports about Ratnakar Gaikwad using his Position unduly, He Vacated the pent House Himself with a very heavy Heart and now he moves  in Avanti-6 at Malbar Hill, a Senior Officer from MMRDA said on Wednesday

The Pent House at Jetvan in BKC was still occupied by Rantakar Gaikwad even after He was Promoted as a Chief Secretary of Maharastra in January 2011. This MMRDA Pent House is reserved EXCLUSVELY only for Metropolitan Commissioner of MMRDA. Jan 2011, When Rantakar Gaikwad became Chief Secretary of Maharashtra, the Govt. insisted to  vacate the Pent House, and he was allotted a flat in the Same building on 6th floor  as Chief Secretary of Maharashtra Govt (GAD order dated 18 Jan 2011). But Ratnakar Gaikwad in Jan 2011 took undue advantage of his position as Chief Secretary and forced the GAD department to cancel the allotment of sixth floor flat and re allot the pent house meant for Commissioner of MMRDA ( GAD Order dated 10 march 2011 ) (Mr. Rahul Asthana was Commissioner of MMRDA then) says IAS officer from Mantralya.

Ratnakar Gaikwad retired from Chief Secretary Post and again started a new innings as a Chief Information Commissioner of Maharashtra. After  sought the information about pent house still occupied by Ratnakar Gaikwad, the State Govt woke up from the slumber and asked him to shift in Sarang-6, near Mantralya on 19 Nov 2012. After that on 21 Jan 2013, GAD Dept issues another allotment letter to Gaikwad and directs him to temporary shift in Avantika-12 at Malbar Hill. Rantakar Gaikwad Vacates the pent house in March 2013 and hands over the possession to MMRDA, says MMRDA Sr officer.This is a perfect example how top babus are take undue advantage of there post and bent rules.Its purely depends upon Moral and ethics of the person,. When CM Manohar Joshi and DCM R R Patil resign from the post, they immediately  vacate their Bunglow's.....

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bmc Carbon Core Technology Asphalt Road work Slow

 To improve the Road quality and blame Game, Bmc has sanctioned 15 carbon core Technology Asphalt Road work  last Year. But till now progress is slow and 3 road works are completed out of 15. It is revealed by RTI filed by Athak Seva Sangh.

Athak Seva Sangh asked BMC Road dept about the progress of Carbon Core Technology Asphalt Road work. His appliaction dated 26 Feb 2013, was forwarded by BMC Roads Dept to respective City, Eastern and Western Suburb Road Dept. Western Suburb total 9 work order issue in which none of Roads are completed till now. Here highest fund distributed, is Rs 9,46,16,192/-. In city 2 roads are completed out of 3 for which Rs 3,85,66,857/- were distributed. Eastern suburb only 1 work is completed out of 3, total contract cost Rs 3,11,61,997/-. A comedy reply was given by Mr M.V. Sawant, Executive Engineer, Western suburb, Road Dept when asked as to why this work was delayed and the delay reason. Mr Sawant claimed that The information asked by you, was large and the detail so, he will come and see the work in person.

.Athak Seva Sangh wrote to Municipal Commissioner Mr Sitaram Kunte that this work should have been completed within 7 months after release work order on 17 April 2012 but due to the negligence by concerned staff only 3 road works are completed. The Shortage of Asphalt in South Africa is not a accurate reason bcz its a Pilot Project of BMC and after success it will implemented throughout Mumbai. There is only one contractor M/s Sumer Infrastructure pvt Ltd get all the contract its also one of work delay reason

#  Road uncompleted in Western suburb -
1) Church Road in H East ward
2) 10th Road ( from 8th Road to R K Mission Road) in H West ward
3) MIDC Road no 11 from Bharagv Lane to Junction of MIDC Road No 9,Andheri east  in K East ward
4) Coconut Garden Road in K West ward 5) L T Road No 3  in P South ward
6) Gautam Buddha Marg  in Malad West in  P North  ward
7)  Kahjuria Road to Garden Plot in R South ward
8)  Daulat  Road No 1  in Borivali East in R Central  ward
9)  Sant Mirabai Marg  in R north ward

# Western Suburb  Daadi sheth Aygari lane in C ward is not completed. Dattaram Lad Road from B A Road to Chinchpokali Road in E ward and Mugal lane Cross Road no 1 in G North Ward is completed.

#  Eastern Suburb Lokmanya Tilak Road in L ward along with S Ward Road is incompleted only G V Scheme Road No 3 in T ward is completed.