Sunday, 28 December 2014

Mantralaya make over contractor, M/s Unity construction fined Rs 5000 per day for delay in project.

Mumbai: State govt's which are accustomed to to delay in projects, have for the first time levied a fine of Rs 5000/- per day to its contractor in the Mantralaya makeover project. M/s Unity Constructions has been levied Rs 6,10,000/- as fines by the govt. It has also come to light that, the contractor has already received Rs 109.42 crores as payment against Rs 138 crore project. This has been revealed in a reply to a query filed by RTI Activist Anil Galgali.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed a query with the Maharashtra govt seeking details of the Mantralaya make over project. In a reply to the query the PWD's Public information officer & Dy Executive Engineer replied that, the Mantralaya makeover project was started on 24/12/2012 and its estimated cost is Rs 138 crores, the project was supposed to be completed in 8 months and there has been no cost escalations in the project which is expected to be completed 100% by 31/12/2014.

Further Galgali had sought to know how much fine was levied in case the project was not completed in time. It was replied that, fine @ Rs 5000/= per day was levied on the contractor for delay in work, and up-till 31/11/2014, Rs 6,10,000/= has been levied out of which Rs 4,00,000/= has been recovered from the contractor.

Looking at the time frame of the project it can be understood that the project was to be completed by 24/08/2013, and as per rules the fine of Rs 5000/= par day was to be levied after that, which comes to 402 days, which amounts to Rs 20,10,000/-, hence as per information submitted, the fine amount levied is less than actual.

Galgali has now sought to know that, since to project was running a delay by almost 16 months, and the contractor was being levied fines for the delay, what was the urgency in releasing Rs 109.42 crores as payment out of the total estimated cost of Rs 138 crores. He also expressed surprise of the reduced fine charges, as at the time the contract was given the govt had announced a fine of Rs 5 lakhs per day in case of delay, and a reward of Rs 2.5 lakhs per day for early completion of the contract.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Just 1% cases recommended by Lokayukta to govt for action

In the past 15 years the Maharashtra's Lokayukta & Dy Lokayukta received a total of 2,06,269 pending and new cases out which it cleared 65.32% cases. The cases recommended for action in these stands at a poor 1% only. Out of the 2034 recommended cases to the Govt,  the Governor had to be  submitted with SPECIAL REPORT in 600 cases due to inaction of the govt in those cases.This information has been obtained by RTI activist Anil Galgali. Further it was informed that, in the past 15 years almost 127 complaints were received against Ministers. Out of 127 the Lokayukta found substance in 4 cases against Ministers like Chaggan Bhujbal, Nawab Mallik, Kripashankar Singh, Syed Ahmed & Dr Sulekha Kumbhare.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed a  RTI query, to the Lokayukta & Dy Lokayukta office seeking information about total cases received by it in the past 15 years and the action taken on the complaints. Public Information Officer & Asst Registrar Shri V K Borade, in a reply to the query informed Galgali that, Since year 2000 to October 2014, in these 15 years the Lokayukta received a total of 2,06,269 complaints which included the initially pending cases received prior to 2000 and the new cases received during the period, out of which 1,34,749 cases were disposed by the Lokayukta & the Dy Lokayukta and 2034 cases were referred to the govt for action under Section 12(1) & (3) of the Lokayukta & Dy Lokayukta Act 1971. Out of the 2034 cases referred to the govt, 600 cases were not acted upon by the govt. Special report of such 600 cases were sent to the Governor by the Lokayukta. The Lokayukta & Dy Lokayukta received maximum complaints pertaining to the Revenue and Forests dept.

In the past 15 years the Lokayukta received 127 complaints against Ministers, out of which it found substance in 4 cases pertaining to then Ministers like Chaggan Bhujbal, Nawab Mallik, Kripashankar Singh, Syed Ahmed & Dr Sulekha Kumbhare. In case of Nawab Mallik, then Minister of State for Housing, the Lokayukta recommended his removal from the Ministry on 08/02/2002. In the case Nawab Mallik replied that the action taken by him was with good intention and he had not interfered in the directions of the court. But when no action was taken on him by the Govt, the Lokayukta filed a SPECIAL REPORT to the Governor on 20/05/2002. In the cases of the other four ministers namely Chaggan Bhujbal, Kripashankar Singh, Syed Ahmed & Sulekha Kumbhare, the CM's Office issued appropriate directives to them. Dr Sulekha Kumbhare, the then MOS for Water Supply & sanitation was found guilty of misusing her position as minister and using her ministerial letter heads for personal use in her  dispute with complainant in the case against her, Shekhar Aalone to unnecessarily harass him. The then Dy CM Chaggan Bhujbal was directed to maintain high administrative standards and hence forward while issuing any administrative order, he should also put down the reasoning for the order in short. The then housing minister Dr Syed Ahmed was pulled up for issuing verbal orders and was told by CMO to issue orders in writing on files put up before him. The then MOS (Home) Kripashankar Singh who also was Guardian Minister for Mumbai suburbs was warned not to misuse his position as Guardian Minister and not to interfere in other departments.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali, in a letter addressed to CM Devendra Fadnavis, has demanded that, due action be taken on the 2034 cases referred by the Lokayukta. He also demanded that the Lokayukata & the Dy Lokayukta Act 1971 be amended and the Lokayukta be given the necessary powers to directly take action against those found guilty in cases before it. 

 Only Powers to Investigate

The Lokayukta in Maharashtra has powers to investigate cases against Ministers, Officers & employees and it can only refer action to govt under section 12(1) & (3). Also under Section 12(5) it can file a SPECIAL REPORT with the Governor. The Chief Minister does not come under the purview of the Lokayukta & Dy Lokayukta Act 1971. It is important to note that the Lokayukta has status similar to a Civil Court and its investigations and actions are understood to be in accordance to section 193 of IPC Act. In the course of the enactment of Lokpal Bill, the suggestions and objection were sought by the Central Govt, at that time Anil Galgali had demanded that the Lokayukta be given powers to investigate cases against the Chief Minister and also powers be given to investigate and directly take action against Ministers, Officers and Employees.

The Post of Lokayukta & Dy Lokayukta are vacant at the movement

For the first time in the history of Maharashtra and the enactment of the Lokayukta & Dy Lokayukta Act 1971, both the posts are lying vacant.  In the past whenever the term of the Lokayukta used to end, atleast the Dy Lokayukta used to be in office. the previous term of Lokayukta ended on 01/07/2014, when the incumbent Justice Purshottam B Gaikwad's term ended, similarly the previous Dy Lokyukta Jhonny Joseph's term ended on 30/11/2014. It is sad to note here that, the Govt has not yet started procedure for  selection of the next Lokayukta & the Dy Lokayukta.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Government should Recover of costs incurred on facilities provided Vice Chancellor Dr Rajan Velukar

Anil Galgali has demanded to recover the expense incurred on facilities provided by the govt to the Vice Chancellor and also demanded probe into then ministers and officials involved in the inappropriate appointment of Dr Rajan Velukar as ruled by the Bombay High Court.

Earlier Anil Galgali through RTI application had exposed the ineligible educational qualifications of Dr Rajan Velukar.Anil Galgali said that if the then Secreteriat of the Governors office had acted upon the Image of Mumbai University would not have been tarnished.

Keeping in view of the inappropriate appointment of Dr Rajan Velukar Anil Galgali has demanded recovery of expenses from Dr Rajan Velukar and probe all those involved in his inappropriate appointment.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Maharashtra Policemen honor their Martyred colleagues

Mumbai cannot afford to forget the 26/11 attack by trained extremists. In the fight back Mumbai lost its 14 brilliant officers and police men. Almost 30 policemen suffered injuries in the counter operations. To help the families of these martyred policemen & those who sustained injuries, the police men in Maharashtra themselves came forward and voluntarily contributed Rs 200, Rs 400 & Rs 800 individually and collected Rs 2.12 crores. This amount was distributed amongst those killed and injured. This information was revealed to RTI Activist Anil Galgali by the Maharashtra Police Head quarters.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed an RTI query with the Maharashtra Police HQ seeking information about the wireless message relayed to all policemen to contribute in a fund to financially help those policemen who were killed or injured in the 26/11 attack, Galgali sought information's about how much fund was collected and how was the fund utilized? In a reply to the query the Public Information Officer & Senior Dy Asst Inspector General of Police Shri P K Ghuge informed that, the police men totally contributed Rs 2,11,89,921=00 in the fund. On 29/11/2008, the then DGP Shri Anami Roy had appealed for the contribution from all the policemen, Every Staff contributed Rs 200/= each, Officers contributed Rs 400/= each & Senior Police Officers (The rank of SP and above) contributed Rs 800/= each. Out of the collected fund the 14 martyred policemen and the 30 injured policemen were distributed the money. Those killed were given Rs 10 Lakhs each & those who sustained injuries were giver Rs 3 Lakhs each.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali has praised the efforts all the policemen in Maharashtra Police and stated that, such an effort was the need of the day, this new and innovative step will certainly help in boosting the morale of every policemen and also provide solace and confidence to the families of the martyred policemen and to those injured that the whole state police is completely backing them in this hour of grief.

# Families of the Martyred Police men

Kavita Hemant Karkare.

Vinita Ashok Kamte.

Smita Vijay Salaskar.

Madhavi Prakash More.

Aruna Bapurao Durgude.

Sharda Balwant Bhosale

Tarabai Tukaram Ombale.

Manisha Arun Chitte.

Shraddha Vijay Khandekar

Pratibha Jaywant Patil

Kalpana Ambadas Pawar

Shivaji Fakira Patil

Manasi Shashank Shinde

Subhash Vishnu Shinde.

Forget Drought MMRDA's Babus need 106 cr lavish & iconic headquarter

When one part of Maharashtra is facing extreme drought and the other part is experiencing suicides of the farmers. Forget Drought and other misries, MMRDA's Babus need 106cr lavish & iconic headquarter to work from there.To experience one more example of how state exchequer is misused, one should travel to the BKC and have a look at the “Iconic” Building of the MMRDA, which will be the new workplace for MMRDA, right behind its current office.RTI activist Anil Galgali has sought information through RTI and revealed even after spending Rs. 106 crore the proposed new office of MMRDA remains incomplete.

Anil Galgali had sought information from the MMRDA Authority in regards to the construction of a new building going on behind their current office at BKC is on the banks of Mithi river.Executive Engineer as well as the Public information officer of MMRDA, Mr M.Y. Patil, informed Galgali that the said proposal for construction of new office building to the MMRDA was given on 24.12.2007. The basic cost approved was that of Rs. 87 crore and it was to be completed by 31.12.2012. But in spite of giving two extensions, first till 15.09.2013 and the latest one being, 31.12.2014, the work still remains incomplete.

The MMRDA Authority has denied information to Galgali in regards to the reasons of the delay and the penalty levied on the contractors.  The said project is been done by M/s Relcon Infraprojects Limited, the interior decoration contract has been awarded to M/s Godrej Company Limited and finally the electrification and air-conditioning contract has been given to M/s Pravin electrical limited. The said modern office 11th floor building of MMRDA  have 9 floors along with 2 service floors.

“In spite of having its own building to work in the heart of Mumbai city, MMRDA had no need to spend Rs. 106 crores on construction of a new office for itself. It is a complete waste of both money and resources, blame by Anil Galgali.Even after 7 years, work remains incomplete. This is like having fun at a cost of people living in drought prone areas and where farmers are committing suicide. Also next to this proposed office, there is another building, Tantri, that also belongs to the MMRDA and is equipped with the latest technology and know-how. So the need of a new office is not understood” said Galgali.  

It has to be seen how the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis, also the chairman of MMRDA, takes a stand. The expenses are definitely rubbing salt on the wounds of the drought affected people & farmers,concluded Galgali.  

Monday, 1 December 2014

Mumbai Cricket Association's BKC plot being commercially used, is actually meant for educational purpose

Mumbai: MCA was allotted 13 acres of prime land in the costliest locality of Mumbai i.e BKC for educational purpose.That has been been put to commercial use by the MCA has now come under cognizance of the MMRDA,which has now issued a notice to MCA.This information has been provided to RTI Activist Anil Galgali. Galgali has now alleged that this is a scam worth 1000 crore and has demanded in a letter addressed to CM Devendra Fadnavis that the land allotted should be taken back and strong action be initiated against the MCA and M/s Shirke. Galgali further cited the example of the recent order of Mumbai High Court directing CIDCO to take back the plot of Inorbit mall, which was allotted out of turn without calling for tenders for allotment. Hence the case of MCA being similar to the CIDCO case the people would like to see what steps would the BJP govt take in this case.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed an RTI query with the MMRDA seeking information about the plot allotted to the Mumbai Cricket Association in the Bandra Kurla Complex. The MMRDA replied that MCA was allotted plot ad-measuring 52,157 sq mtrs on 05/03/2004 ,on a lease for 80 years for which MCA was charged a meagre Rs 2,65,98,200. The MMRDA also gave a FSI of 1.5 on allowing 15% construction on 10% of the plot, 23 % of the plot was meant for construction of Swimming pool, Tennis Courts, Cricket Nets and similar sporting activities. The rest 67% of the land was meant to be kept open for regulated public use. Similarly students from all over Maharashtra be admitted to the Indoor Cricket Academy. The MCA flouted the most important terms and condition of non commercial utilization of the plot by entering into a commercial agreement with M/s Shirke Infrastructure. MMRDA taking cognizance of this violation of its terms of allotment, citing the commercial agreement with M/s Shirke Infrastructure has issued a notice on 23/02/2014 to MCA to take rectification steps within 3 months or the lease agreement will be terminated.

While allotting this land it seems the MMRDA flouted its own land allotment policy, Govt policy and circumvented the Govts own decision dt 15/05/2000 regarding allotting land reserved for recreational purposes to private agencies and organisations. It seems the MMRDA has gifted this land to the MCA said Galgali. It is also coming to light that, as per the MMRDA norms, the land could not have been considered for allotment to MCA. The audit report also mentions that MMRDA lost Rs 13.95 crores in the allotment which was done without calling for tenders as per norms.

MMRDA woke up very late on the issue of violation, but the Income Tax dept had acted very promptly and cancelled the IT exemptions given to MCA due to this commercial violation. The MCA approached the Supreme Court on the issue of cancellation of IT exemptions but was not successful and had to pay Tax on the profit earned from the commercial activity. On the other hand, the then 'Mr Clean' CM, who also heads the MMRDA as Chairman instead of taking action of taking back the plot after receiving no response on its notice, started correspondence with M/s Kanga & Co after 6 months of issuing notice in the name of taking legal advise, though it is important to mention here that the Govt has its own legal dept, but instead of seeking the advise from its own dept has tried to avoid taking action by delaying and diverting in the name of seeking advise from an outside agency, claimed Galgali. Galgali also raised concerns seeking to know that since when Cricket became Educational subject and how? He said this also needs to be enquired.

RTI  Activist Anil Galgali has demanded from CM Devendra Fadnavis, CS Swadheen Kshatriya & MMRDA Chairman UPS Madan that the land should be immediately taken back and Rs 1000 crore be recovered from MCA, also initiate strict action against the MCA & M/s Shirke Infrastructure.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Municipal Secretary says  pursual of resolution forwarded by it not his responsibility

The Councillors of MCGM in the past five years tabled and passed resolutions on various subjects majorly on developmental issues and beneficial for the genenal public gets redundant as the said resolutions when sent to the Central and State Govt for necessary approvals do not receive the response due to lack of necessary pursual by the MCGM officials. Municipal Secretary Narayan Pathade says  pursual of resolution forwarded by it not his responsibility. With Central & State Government in last 5 years pending 142  resolutions approved in the MCGM and sent to Central / State Govt. This was informed wide a letter address to Anil Galgali by Municipal Secretary Narayan Pathade.

Municipal Secretary Narayan Pathade informed wide a letter dated 24.11.2014 to Anil Galgali that Central & State Government's are law formulating High Level Bodies. Also there is no precedence on record of there department of ever pursueing with Government Department. Hence the demand of Galgali that the department should follow-up regarding the various resolution approved by The General Body and forwarded by the department does not seem feasible.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed an query with the MCGM administration seeking details of the Resolutions of the MCGM sent or pending with the Central / State Govts for approval / assistance. The Municipal Secretary dept in a reply to the query informed Galgali that, Since 28th May 2009 to 02nd May 2014, 143 Resolutions on various issues raised and discussed in the House by the Councillors were sent to the Central or State Govt for necessary approvals. Out of this 143 resolutions, the MCGM received a report on only 1 Resolution as on date.

After the demand of Anil Galgali and after receiveing flak for its inaction, Municipal Secretary department now has woken up from his slumber and shirked of responsibilty on this house.Galgali has now demanded from the Mayor & Municipal Commissioner to initiate action against the Municipal Secretary for this negligence which has caused insult of the House and also further demanded to decide who would be responsible for pursual with Government department.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Governor also kept in dark on how many MLA's with BJP

It is very apparent now that Devendra Fadnavis chose the easiest but most vague option to prove majority of his govt on the floor of the house through voice vote, but what is more startling is that the BJP did not even find it fit to enclose its list of own MLA's as well as other MLA's supporting the govt in its letter handed over to the Governor, seeking his invitation to form the Govt, this has now been revealed through a reply by the Governor's Secretariat to a query filed by RTI Activist Anil Galgali.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed a query with the Governor's secretariat, seeking information about how much strength of MLA's  had Devendra Fadnavis claimed in his letter handed over to the Governor, seeking his invitation to form the Govt. He also sought a copy of the letter. In the reply to the query, Smt Ujjwala Dandekar, Under Secretary (Administration) & Public Information Officer to the Governor Secretariat stated that on 28/10/2014 at 6.40 pm, the letter signed by Devendra Fadnavis, Eknatrao Khadse-Patil, Vinod Tawde, Sudhir Mungantiwar, & Pankaja Munde - Palwe, the member's of the BJP Core Committee was received by the Governor, a copy of which was provided to Galgali. In the letter addressed to the Governor Shri C Vidyasagar Rao it was informed that the "BJP being the single largest party we request your honour to give us the opportunity to form the Governament".

Without disclosing its strength,neither providing any list of supporting MLA's, the Devendra Fadnavis govt proved it majority on the floor of the house by a voice vote only displays the smartness of this Govt, But the people of Maharashtra are still unclear about the actual strength of this govt, stated Galgali. Galgali further appealed that it is the moral duty of Devendra Fadnavis to release the list of MLA's in their support, so the ordinary public can understand exactly how much support does this Govt enjoy in the legislature. 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Resolutions of MCGM become redundant due to overlooking by the Central & State Govt's

The Councillors of MCGM in the past five years tabled and passed resolutions on various subjects majorly on developmental issues and beneficial for the genenal public gets redundant as the said resolutions when sent to the Central and State Govt for necessary approvals do not receive the response due to lack of necessary pursual by the MCGM officials. In the past 5 years 142 such resolutions approved in the MCGM and sent to Central / State Govt has become redundant due to such non pursual by the Municipal Secretary dept of the MCGM. This information was revealed in a reply to on RTI query filed by RTI Activist Anil Galgali.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed an query with the MCGM administration seeking details of the Resolutions of the MCGM sent or pending with the Central / State Govts for approval / assistance. The Municipal Secretary dept in a reply to the query informed Galgali that, Since 28th May 2009 to 02nd May 2014, 143 Resolutions on various issues raised and discussed in the House by the Councillors were sent to the Central or State Govt for necessary approvals. Out of this 143 resolutions, the MCGM received a report on only 1 Resolution as on date. This has happened only due to lackluster non pursual by the Municipal Secretary dept.

Any Proposal or resolutions or any communication which is conducted by the MCGM with the Central or State Govts have to be vigorously pursued by the Municipal Secretary Dept, through which the correspondence is done in MCGM. But it seems that this dept has failed to pursue with the respective govt departments to seek response on its communications, due to which efforts of various Councillors who initiate and move these proposals and further debate to get them approved by the House have gone to waste, alleged Galgali. Galgali has now demanded from the Mayor & Municipal Commissioner to initiate action against the Municipal Secretary for this negligence which has caused insult of the House.

The Only Response.

On 16/08/2013, the MCGM forwarded, Resolution no 629, on the issue of The MCGM sanctions for development of RG / PG land in MHADA Layout should not be given until the said land's property card is not transferred in the name of MCGM. The State Govt on June, 2014 sent a copy of its report prepared by it to the MCGM.

What are these Resolutions?

There are some very important resolutions sent to Central or State Govt for approval, some important amongst them are - Formulating a law to initiate criminal action against persons found causing wastage of Water, Restriction on sale of Gutka and other tobacco related products in Mumbai, Creating a column in the Driving Licence to intimate the Consent of person to donate the body after the death, The Permission to issue domicile certificate's to citizens through its CFC's in its Ward Offices, Declare Mangrove areas as National heritage to ensure its protection and conservation, Cornea's of Accidental death victims be immediately removed and given to persons on waiting list of blind people awaiting donation, Modify law to protect the surrogate mothers against exploitation and cheating on financial agreements.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Unregistered doctor is the chief of Pune Municipal Corporation's health dept

Dr Somnath Tarachand Pardeshi, who holds additional charge as the chief of the Health dept of the Pune Municipal corporation is not registered with the Maharashtra Medical Council, this shocking revelation got exposed after RTI Activist Anil Galgali received reply on a query filed by him. Anil Galgali has now shot off a letter to the CM and the Urban Development dept, intimating them and seeking action on this grave lapse, he has also requested the CM to ensure appointment of a qualified person on the post.

The Public Information Officer and further the 1st Appellate Officer had refused to give information on the query filed by Anil Galgali, stating that the query is seeking personal information, hence the information was disallowed by the Dy Commissioner & 1st Appellate officer Shri Mangesh Joshi. The officials, who enjoy blessings of the topmost officers in the PMC are stating that the documents submitted by Dr Pardeshi at the time of joining the govt service, are not on records, which is a blatant lie stated Galgali, they also informed that the issue is sub-judice hence also the information cannot be provided. To cross check and verify the information provided Anil Galgali filed a RTI query with the Maharashtra Medical Council. The Registrar of the Council Shri R G Janjal, in reply to the query informed that Dr Somnath Tarachand Pardeshi has not been provided  registration by the council, and also the complaint of Dr Pardeshi is pending with it.

After knowing all facts why is the Pune Commissioner protecting Dr Pardeshi? questioned Galgali, Galgali further expressed surprise that the PMC has failed to find an eligible, and qualified person for the post in Maharashtra in the past 33 months. Anil Galgali lodged a complaint regarding this irregularity with the Pune Municipal Commissioner, who has not taken any action on it, also the Commissioner has not bothered to reply to the complaint.

Anil Galgali has demanded in his letter to the CM, that suitable action be taken against Dr Somnath Tarachand Pardeshi who enjoys the patronage of the Municipal Commissioner and not registered with the Medical Council and immediately appoint a suitable, qualified officer to the post held by Dr Pardeshi, he has also sought action against the PMC Commissioner, Dy Commissioner (General) & Personnel Dept officials for shielding an ineligible officer.

# What law says

It is important to note that the additional charge of Dr Pardeshi as Chief of Health Dept violates section 33A of Maharashtra Medical Practitioners Act, 1961, which states that " Unregistered person's not to hold appointments as Medical Officer of Health of any local authority". In case of violation of this provision - for the first offence, the punishment could be imprisonment for the term which shall not be less than 2 years but which may extend to 5 years and with fine which shall not be less than 2000 Rs but which may be extended to Rs 10,000. and for a second or subsequent offence, with rigourous imprisonment for term which may extend to 10 years and with the fine which may extend to Rs 25,000/=.

Monday, 10 November 2014

CBI inquiry in the "corrupt" Food & Drugs Department, insists recommendations by FDA Inquiry Committee

A Inquiry Committee that was appointed by the State Government in 2013 to curb the corruption and malpractices in the Food & Drugs Department (FDA) has asked for CBI inquiry to put a check and also bring in transparency in the working of the FDA. RTI activist Anil Galgali who was instrumental in the whole process of getting the report has asked the government to make the report public. Anil Galgali has also appealed to the Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis to handover the commission report to the CBI, which in turn will investigate this report and may be instrumental in curbing corruption in the department.

An RTI was filed in by Anil Galgali, who in turn had to face a lot of flake in getting the report out from the Department. "The 159 paged report is a nothing but a highlight how public life is put at larger risk by FDA and how corruption has made this department "sick", said Galgali. The committee was formed by the Government on 21st January 2013 and submitted its detailed report only on 17th April 2014. As per the report under 3.16, drugs (Cost control) resolution (under essential commodities Act 1955) the rule states that the findings made by any such committee ,that has to do with basic necessities or endangering public life has to be inquired by a Central nominated agency. Under section 3.4 of the report submitted by the committee Controller will be responsible for any situation arising due to negligence which directly or indirectly will be endangering common person's life. Also as per section 3.3 the Government directly or indirectly has never intervened with the working of FDA thus resulting in negligence of duty and responsibility of the state ex chequer.

The 17 recommendations made by the committee has to be strictly followed and acted upon by the Government insists Anil Galgali. Last 40 years this department has been infested with corruption with political backing and the middlemen have made merry thus compromising safety standards. In this regard a CBI inquiry would definitely help to curb this corrupted department. To bring transparency is the key, which has been missing since long in FDA. Also this report, which is of utmost necessity for every common person, should be published by the government or made available on any Government Website, insists Galgali. For this purpose, he has written to the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Medical Education minister Vinod Tawde and the Chief Secretary Swadhin Kshatriya. Another social activist Yajurvedi Rao who is active in the FDA, has demanded the recommendations of the Committee to be immediately taken into account by the Government and bring in the much required transparency in the department.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Rent, Charges for overstaying in Maharashtra Ministerial accomodation increased 5 fold

The practice of senior politicians in habit of overstaying in Ministerial bunglows even after submitting their resignations or stepping down from the position will now face obstacles as the govt has now increased the rent and other charges 5 fold to make the over stay unfeasable. Rs 5/- per sq ft was the rent till now which the govt was charging the overstaying ex ministers. From now on they would be charged Rs 25/-

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed an RTI query on 20th November 2012 after the resignation drama of then Dy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, seeking information on charges recovered for staying on in his official Devgiri bunglow. At that time it was informed that, Ajit Pawar was given permission to stay on for next 3 months out of which 1st 15 days was free of cost and from then on Rent @ Rs 5/- per sq ft and other expenses on cost basis was to be charged. Anil Galgali had raised the issue vide his letter dt. 28 December 2012 That the rent and charges fixed on 1st Nov 2006 was far less and unrealastic and the rates should be refixed as per realistic market prices. On 1st March the govt considered the request favourably and increased its rent by 5 times making it Rs 25/- per sq ft from now on for 3 months. Further if the occupant gets further permission for staying ahead of 3 months then the rent charged would be Rs 50/- per sq ft.

Anil Galgali has expressed satisfaction of the new rates and stated that the govt should be vigilant on these issues and take swift steps in future as well. Due to the efforts of Anil Galgali, the govt is now getting rent in lakhs which was in thousands till now.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Maharashtra Government removed state Anti Corruption Bureau from RTI ambit on election eve

The Maharashtra government cleared the resolution on September 6, just six days before the model code of conduct was enforced.The Prithviraj Chavan government passed a resolution that has insulated the state Anti Corruption Bureau from Right to Information Act, a few day before the model code of conduct came in to being.
The Maharashtra government cleared the resolution on September 6, just six days before the model code of conduct was enforced with the announcement of the Maharashtra election schedule announced by the EC.
The move is being seen as a sign to protect many of the Congress and NCPbigwigs who are facing cases of corruption against them. The ACB wants to conduct an 'open inquiry' against NCP leaders Ajit Pawar and Sunil Tatkare, while Congress leader Kripashankar Singh already faces allegations of corruption against him and is also being investigated by the ACB.
"Once the people are not able to monitor the cases, then the investigating agencies can do what they want with the case. The move will only give rise to rampant corruption as the politicians and bureaucrats would know that even if there is a probe against them, it can easily be derailed during the investigation stage and no one would know." said RTI activist Anil Galgali.
Anil Galgali though said that considering how many NCP leaders from the party had joined the BJP, he is not hopeful of the BJP led government repealing the GR.

Friday, 17 October 2014

No minimum percentage criteria in selection of Leader of Opposition post required

In the recently concluded Loksabha polls, the Congress party was denied the post of the Leader of Opposition by the Modi Govt by stating that the party lacks the minimum criteria of 10% strength out of the total 544 seats in Loksabha. But it has now been revealed vide response to a RTI query filed by Mumbai based RTI Activist Anil Galgali by the Loksabha secretariat that there is no percentage requirement for appointment of the Leader of Opposition.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed a query with the Loksabha secretariat seeking information about the appointment of the Leader of Opposition. He sought to know what is the compulsary minimum percentage of strength required out of the total members of the Loksabha, he also sought the copies of the rules regarding the appointment and copies of order in this regard. In a reply to the query, Under Secretary of the Loksabha secretariat K Sona, informed that there is no minimum percentage prescribed for the selection of the Leader of Opposition.

Further the query regarding the requirement of Leader of Opposition for selection of heads of which institutions / commissions etc, the Secretariat has transferred the query to Law and judiciary ministry. Further it was also informed that in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Loksabha the post of the Leader of Opposition was vacant.

Further on the query that who is vested with the powers to appoint the Leader of Opposition, it was informed that the powers to appoint the Leader of Opposition was with the Loksabha Speaker. Also the copy of the letter written by Smt Sumitra Mahajan, Loksabha Speaker to Smt Sonia Gandhi was provided to Galgali where also it has been specified that the Speaker has the powers to appoint the Leader of Opposition. Recently Hon'ble Supreme Court had also expressed its displeasure over the lack of Leader of Opposition due to which important appointments such as Lokpal has been in limbo.

Anil Galgali has states that the Loksabha Speaker should act in positive conciençe and under the powers with it should resolve the issue of the appointment of the Leader of Opposition, as it has now become abjectly clear that there is no requirement of minimum percentage for appointment of LOP.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Modi Cabinet Members Declare Assets after a RTI query

PM Narendra Modi had instructed his council of Ministers to declare their and the families assets and libilities within 60 days of assuming office. Mumbai based RTI Activist Anil Galgali filed an RTI query with the PMO regarding seeking status of the declaration, but his query was tossed by authorities between the PMO and his President's office to buy time by which the Ministers declared their assets and liabilities.

Mumbai based RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed an RTI query with the PMO on 24th August 2014, seeking information about the order of the PM to his ministers to declare their and their families assets and liabilities statement, he sought the copy of the order along with the list of ministers who have complied with the order and also the list of minister who were yet to comply with the order, he also sought the copy of the reminder letter sent to the ministers by the PM, He further sought the copy of the code of conduct and also sought to know by when would the information be uploaded and made online?. The Public Information Officer & Director in PMO Mr Syed Ikram Rizvi on receiving the RTI query transferred the query under section 6(3) of the RTI Act 2005 to the Ministerial Secretariat of the Presidents Office on 2nd September 2014. Acting on the same the Public Information Officer & Under Secretary in the Secretariat of the President's Office Mr S K Vailiyathan citing no information available with them once again transferred the query back to the PIO of PMO Mr Syed Ikram Rizvi. Regarding the query of Code of conduct & Making information online the query was transferred by the President's office to the Home Ministry under section 6(3) of RTI Act 2005..

A simple query of Anil Galgali was thus tossed around to delay the reply and pass time. Almost 46 days later also the query remains unanswered, on the contrary the Ministers Assets and liabilities was declared vide media news. Anil Galgali has now demanded that the PM must make this information available online at the earliest.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Now Garib Rath halt at Mathura Junction

The Railway Board cancel the decision to do away with Mathura as a halt for the Mumbai- Hazrat Nizamuddin Garib Rath From 1 October 2014. RTI Activists Anil Galgali who was first raised this issue and follow-up with PM ,Railway Minister and MP Hema Malini.

The Decision taken by the railway board is unfair to the people of Mathura, Agara,Rajasthan,Uttar Pradesh,Bihar and Delhi as a large number of people frequently visit the holy city where lord Shri Krishna birth place situated at Mathura. Its also close to Agra which is a famous tourist destination. I have written a letter to PM as well as Railway Minister Sadanand Gauda, said Anil  GalgaliNorthern Railway PRO Amit Malviya confirm that now Garib Rath will halt at Mathura Junction. Brijmohan Sharma who was frequently travel to Mathura give thanks to Anil Galgali who follow-up this issue with Railway Ministry.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Maharastra Bureaucrats overstay in Govt accomodation, Rental dues still unpaid.

The Bureaucrats when in govt service are provided with accommodation in flats which are mainly in valuable and strategic locations, are supposed to vacate these flats when retiring or transferred to other places. Those who don't vacate the flats on time are supposed to pay rents for the period of overstay as per rules. In a reply to a query filed by RTI Activist Anil Galgali by the PWD dept, it has informed that just 11 top ranking bureaucrats of the state owe the govt Rs 44,66,391 as Rents for the overstay in flats provided to them during their service. These top ranking officers include IPS officer Y P Singh, Dilip Jadhav, P K Jain, V M Lal, K L Bishnoi amongst other officials.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed a query dt 23/12/2013 to the Maharashtra Govt seeking information about Rental outstanding dues of Govt officers. In a reply to the query the PWD Dept's City Zone gave a list of 18 govt officials, out of which 14 officals only owed Rs 54,91,135. After continues perusal and follow up Dr P S Pasricha paid up his dues of Rs 5,28,672. Also Addl. Police Commissioner S K Jaiswal had accumulated dues due to not vacating the flat after being transferred of Rs 45,235/= also paid up his dues later. Senior Officer G S Gill vacated his flat almost one year after retirement also paid up Rs 1,47,544/= as rent for overstay later.

Recently, the issue of Ex Police Commissioner & now BJP MP Dr Satyapal Singh's continued occupation and non payment of rent of Govt flat at Bandra was in highlight. Similarly K L Bishnoi who owed Rs. 6,93,451 to the govt paid Rs 50,000/=. Rs 6,43,451 is still pending as dues. Shri Venkatesh Bhat made a payment of Rs 1,00,653 and still has to pay Rs 4,88,071 as rent dues. A B Raikar has paid Rs 1,52,640 out of Rs 4,11,624 outstanding dues. He still has to pay Rs 2,58,984/=. Likewise Y P Singh (Rs 8,01,448/=), Dilip Jadhav (Rs 6,40,585/=), P K Jain (Rs 5,59,624), V M Lal (Rs 3,08,972/=), K B Katke (Rs 2,36,653/=), Prakash D Pawar (Rs 2,07,982/=), Prakash Wani (Rs 1,97,756/=), B J Tarale (Rs 1,22,865/=) are still outstanding. Many of these officers have since retired and also many have written letters to the govt seeking vaiwer of these outstandings.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali has written letters to the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Principal Secretaries of the PWD & GAD dept's and demanded the recovery of the dues from these officials. He further demanded that, if these officials do not pay, the due amount be recovered from the salaries, pension of these officers. Also if the official has since retired the properties of such errant officials be attached by the Collector to recover the outstanding dues. He further stated that such officers who portray themselves as goodness personified and talk of ethics are themselves acting unethically and tarnishing their own cultivated images.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Declaration of Assets of Gujrat's Ministers not in 'Larger' public interest

After comming to power in the centre PM Narendra Modi had directed all the Central Ministers to declare their Assets & Liabilities statement immediately on assuming charge, simultaneously he directed all the Bureaucrats also to file such a statement declaring the family's assets including their spouses. But the same rule does not apply to his home state, where he governed as CM for more than 12 years. Anil Galgali seeking information of the same is denied stating that it is not in 'Larger Public Interest'.

Munbai based RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed a RTI query seeking information about the status of filing of declaration of Assets and Liabilities by the CM and his Council of Ministers in the past 5 years. Also he sought to know about action taken, by the CM on persons who have failed to file his/her declaration of assets and liabilities in the past 5 years. In a reply to the query, Shri P V Patel, Under Secretary (Cabinet) & Public Information Officer of the Gujarat Govt stated that, "the information sought cannot be furnished since information available to a person in this fiduciary relationship and the information sought is personal information." He further quoted section 8(1)(e) & Section 8(1)(j) of RTI Act 2005 for denial of information, further commenting that the disclosure would cause unwanted invasion of privacy of the individual as reason for rejecting information.

Mr Patel further declared the query as a similar case with SLP No 27734 of 2012 in Hon'ble Supreme Court of Applicant Girish Ramchandra Deshpande v/s A B Lute, Sub Regional Provident Fund, Akola, wherein the Hon'ble Supreme court judged on 3rd Oct, 2012 that information regarding static and movable assets are personal and falls under section 8(1)(e) & Section 8(1)(j) of RTI Act 2005.

Anil Galgali has filed a appeal with Mr B J Brahmabhatt, Appelleate Officer & Dy Secretary (Cabinet), GAD, Govt of Gujarat against the reply, stating the the Union Home Ministry has made it mandatory for the Central & State Govt Ministers to file their Assets & Liabilities statement every year by July 31st. Hence the reasons for refusing the information is ridiculous. Galgali further stated that the information is mandotary to be made online under Section 4(1) of RTI Act 2005, which has not been done, and as such warranted the filing of the query for seeking information.

Galgali has questioned that, PM Narendra Modi is directing his Central Ministers, Bureaucrats & all state govt's to implement the declaration of assets, but will he direct Gujarat to implement the RTI Act 2005 in toto.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

In Maharashtra 172 Paid News cases received but only One declared as Paid News in Recent LS

During Loksabha Election Election Commissioner H S Brahma called Maharashtra the "capital of paid news". But that time everyone protest his views. But in actuality, Recent LS Election , 172 Paid News complaints received by Election Commission in which only One declared as a Paid News. Its reveled by a query ask by RTI Activists Anil Galgali.

Maharashtra former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan Paid News issue till in process and recently Delhi High Court give some Relief to him. RTI Activists Anil Galgali ask to Chief Electrol Officer of Maharashtra State that last 3 Loksabha Election how much Paid News complaints received and what is the status of same. How many MP are disqualified after confirmed there Paid News Complaints. Mr Shirish Mohod, Under Secretary of Chief Electrol Office transfer Anil Galgali plea to all District Collector & Election Officer under the section 6(3) of RTI Act 2005. Mr Mohod only give figures of recent Loksabha Election to Galgali.

Recently loksabha Election there are 172 suspected Paid News complaints/Cases referred State Model of Condut District level Media Certification & Monitoring Committee (MCMC) by State MCMC. 172 cases decided by District MCMC as suspected case of Paid News and recommended for notice to Candidate. 103 cases out of 172 cases/complaint not found to be Paid News. In 83 cases in which Notices issued by Returning Officer to Candidate. Out of 83 only 2 cases which Candidate accepted to have spent the amount and showed it in their accounts. 41 cases in whicg candidate  did not reply to notice within stipulated time. 40 cases in which candidate refuse to accept and gave explanation. 40 cases decided by District MCMC as paid news after considering explanation/ reply to notice. Only 2 cases decided by District MCMC as paid news ( after considering arguments/reply to notice/ or after reply not received). Appeal filed by 2 Candidate to State MCMC of final decision of District MCMC within stipulated time. Now only one case decided by State MCMC as Paid News.

RTI Activists Anil Galgali say that unfortunately only half percent Paid News decided by State MCMC though there is so many loofolls at Returning Officer and District level MCMC when scrutiny done. Galgali also surprise and ask question to Election Commission and State Government that why they till not online this so important information. If this information made  public with all received complaints, candidate  reply and MCMC decision then in future all party's candidate avoid Paid News pattern to become Sad News in there career.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

327 hilly areas are dangerous in Mumbai

Anil Galgali made it to the cold statistics of people dead in landslides. All this, even as a report that could have possibly prevented it, awaits action. If only these hutments had been shifted, as was recommended after the Mumbai Slum Improvement Board carried out a survey in 17 April 2010. On 19 September 2011, Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan order to prepare action plan and report how much land will be available for develop as well as to adopt Slumfree City. Now its 34 Month pass but Urban Development department till not implement single agenda nor prepare any Action Taking Plan (ATP)as Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan order and give 1 month deadline. Its revealed by a RTI which filed by Athak Seva Sangh Chairman & RTI Activists  Anil Galgali who obtained all this fact information from Housing department. Like Pune incidents here also chances of Big landslides which city already see in the year 2000 and 2005 respectively Ghatkopar Azad Nagar & Sakinaka Khadi No.3

According a RTI, The survey, across 25-assembly constituencies in the City,Western and Eastern suburbs, had revealed that over 22483 hutments in 327 hilly areas are dangerous and need to be shifted urgently. In that 49 spots dangerous in Mumbai City in which total hutments are 3986 out of which 2303 hutments were shift on urgent basis and 1683 will safeguard by retaining wall and in Mumbai Suburb total 278 spots are most dangerous total no. of hutments are 18497 in which 8698 hutments were safeguard by retaining wall and 7354 needd to shift from hillside on urgent basis.

This report had been sent to the Government for final consideration, but it is still awaiting the state nod.This, despite a revelation under RTI that almost 260 people have lost their lives and more than 270 are injured in landslides between 1992 and 2013.

According to RTI activist Anil Galgali, the BMC and the Mumbai Suburban Collectorate jointly carried out a survey of hutments and submitted findings in a report to the state Housing Ministry on  April 17, 2010.

"As per the report, there are 327 hilly areas classified as dangerous of the 25 constituencies. Of the 22483 huts in these areas, the authorities recommended shifting 9,657 huts on a priority basis," said Galgali. "The remaining could be protected by constructing retaining walls around the hills."
Galgali added that since 1995, an amount of Rs 200  crore has been spent on constructing retaining walls, but the government could not prevent natural disaster from claiming lives.

"I believe the state government, instead of spending crores of rupees constructing retaining walls, should shift slumdwellers to the 15,000 vacant MMRDA and BMC tenements across the city," said Galgali.

The official clarified that the funds for constructing the retaining walls for protection of slums (10,381) was to come from the District Planning Development Committee (DPDC) but because of non-availability of adequate funds, the process of finding ways to increase the fund flow is still being worked out.

Another problem is the challenge that involves shifting of nearly 22483 slums to rehabilitation tenements. Firstly, land needs to be procured from private parties or departments like BMC, MMRDA, MIDC to construct such rehabilitation tenements and only once they agree the construction work could commence.

Moreover, the biggest challenge for the government is to ensure that the plot housing vacated slums is not encroached upon again and various mechanisms will need to be put in place to prevent any further encroachment.

This will involve roping in the Forest Department and ensure they plant trees on these plots. It will not only ensure that there is no encroachment on the plots, but will also prevent soil erosion and, in turn, landslides.Planning needed"The Slum Improvement Board has submitted its report in which it has presented a dimension of the problem and possible solution," said Galgali.

A letter address to Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, Anil Galgali demanding to protect & save 1.15 lacks poor people lives because in monsoon every coming stone over the hillside make vibration of heart of this poor people. Instead to waiting big accident,  Govt should rehab all poor people at MMRDA & BMC PAP immediate effect. It needs to be evaluated and a time management strategy planned out for its implementation, said Galgali.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

UPA spends Rs 380 crores on publicity in March 2014

Wastage of public money during General elections is not new in India. This can be seen from the fact that the UPA Govt spent almost Rs 380 cr in publicity in the month of March 2014 just before the announcement of the General Elections. Overall it spent close to a whopping Rs 2048 cr in the last 37 months of UPA 2 governance and approximately spent Rs 55.35 cr every month. This has been revealed in a data provided by the govt in reply to the query of RTI Activist Anil Galgali.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed a query with the Central Govt seeking details of expenses incurred in the publicity and advertising in the last 3 years of UPA rule. In a reply to the query Shri A K Srivastava, the Central Information Officer of the Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting provided details of expenses on advertising campaign of various programs under taken by the Govt of India. The details of last 37 months starting from March 2011 to March 2014 were provided for expenses like campaign on Bharat Nirman and like wise programs in Print, Electronic Media, E Paper sites and Social Media. In the period of 37 months Rs 1318 crore 2 Lakh 44 Thousand 403 was spent in Print Media, where as Rs 729 Cr 88 Lakh 70 Thousand 837 was spent of Electronic media, E Paper sites and Social Media.

With the nearing of the Loksabha polls the Dr Manmohan Singh led UPA govt spent Rs 379 Cr 53 Lakh 26 Thousand 936 in March 2014 itself, in which Rs 250 Cr 84 Lakh 64 Thousand 844 was spent in Print Media & Rs 128 Cr 68 Lakhs 62 Thousand 092 in Electronic Media, E Paper sites & Social Media. From the data it can also be understood that the Govt started giving importance to the Electronic Media, E Paper sites & Social Media from December 2012 onwards, this includes the telecast / broadcast , All India Radio / Doordarshan, Community Radio, Digital Cinema, Internet, SMS & Creative.

Anil Galgali has expressed his dissapointment on the wasteful expenditure indulged in by the UPA govt in media and publicity, he further expressed his opinion that had actual work for public benefit would had been undertaken by the govt, it would not have had to spend so much money on publicity. Galgali further appealed to the New PM Shri Narendra Modi to not indulge in the similar splurge of public money which is a criminal wastage of public funds.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mithi River is still Salty even after spending Rs 1057 crores

     The thought of  26 July 2005 deluge makes every Mumbaikar to have sleepless night due to the memories if flooding of Mithi River, after 26 July 2005 RS 1057 Crores have been spend till date on Mithi River Cleaning & Development by MMRDA & MCGM.The New Dead Line of Mithi River Project to be completed is April 2017. Earlier deadline is December 2010 which extended 3 times.The Central Government has not sanction a Single Paise till date . This is  revealed in  a RTI query filed by Athak Seva Sangh Chairman & RTI Activists Anil Galgali from MMRDA &  MCGM. Now Galgali moves to Prime Minister Narendra Modi & urges him to clear the Rs 1657.11 crores fund immediately to MMRDA.

       From last 9 years Mithi River development work is going in a very slow motion this made Anil Galgali to seek detailed information of  the project to both the implementing agencies MMRDA & MCGM. from Vihar Talav to  CST Bridge Kurla, 11.8 km length of Mithi River part come under Jurisdiction of MCGM. Mahim Causeway to CST bridge Kurla 6 km with 2 km Vakola Nala jurisdiction falls under MMRDA. Mcgm Executive Engineer P C Jaswani reply that 1960 meter length service road work  completed and 10467 meter work remains.Other widening & deepening  Work has been completed. MCGM has spend Rs 28.97 crores for the first phase and Rs 573.89 crores spend on Second phase. In MCGM jurisdiction total work cost including bridges work is approximately  Rs 1239.60 crores. As per schedule This work was to be be completed by December 2012 then it has extended til December 2015 but now it will be completed by April 2017.

       MMRDA Executive Engineer who is in charge of Mithi River project, Mahadev Narkar claims that They spend Rs 34.40 crores for first phase & Rs 419
52 crores on Second phase out of total Rs 467.51 crores. completed. 3960 meter length service road work  completed and 2140 meter work remains in MMRDA part. This project should have been completed by December 2010 , After that it has been extended December 2012 and December 2013. Now new deadline of MMRDA Jurisdiction is December 2014. MMRDA Rs 1657.11 crores financial Aid demand proposal is  submitted to Central Government but till date not a single Paise fund is sanctioned or approved .

#10.54 lakh Qubic Meter desliting

MMRDA & Bmc both claim that till they desliting 10.54 lakh qubic meter work. In this  work 5.68 lakh qubic meter was Bmc and remain 4.86 lakh qubic meter was claim by MMRDA. After this huge cleaning till Mithi River not become pollution free and sweet, said Anil Galgali.

# Contractors Get lots

How much Mithi River clean and when its fully developed? Its a big question and Mumbaikar should wait for this but a Contractors who are a part of Mithi River Development work get lots from MMRDA and MCGM. Highest amount was Rs 236.42 cr paid to RPF Infra Project.After that other company paid as they claim to agency are as follows. Reliance Michigun Rs161.62 cr , Unity Rs 105 cr ,BPL- BBC Rs 104.26 cr ,DBM Jiyotechnic Rs 78.09 cr, RE Infra Rs 55.88 cr ,Raj Company Rs 54.84 cr, Shyam Naryan Brothers Rs 23.19 cr.

Anil Galgali in his letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and demanded that Rs 1657.11 crores should be approved for a Mithi River development work. The Mithi River is till Thirsty for the fund. The  work which is carried out is very shoddy on Mithi River, said Galgali

Friday, 18 July 2014

Crores was waived off by Adarsh fame Ashok Chavan of Gandhi Family

Amid allegations that the Congress party gave an interest-free loan to Associated Journals Ltd with an eye on the company’s real estate assets, it now emerges that the company that publishes National Herald and Quami Awaz was allotted a prime plot of land by the government of Maharashtra in suburban Mumbai, ostensibly for a press and a Nehru memorial library, neither of which was built. The interest on the amount turned out to a massive Rs 3.75 crores which in 2001 was waived off by then Revenue Minister Ashok Chavan. Its revels by RTI Activists Anil Galgali.

Government documents procured from RTI activist Anil Galgali show that the land was allotted to M/s Associated Journal in 1983 for Rs 1.31 crore in Bandra. However they did not observe one of the key conditions of the lease by commencing construction in the plot within two years of it being allotted. More over it did not even pay up the entire principal amount in one go. The interest on the amount turned out to a massive Rs 3.75 crores which in 2001 was waived off by then Revenue Minister Ashok Chavan. The plot was given for daily news publication, a Nehru library and a research centre in 1983 by Government but it is still as it. This plot before handover to M/s Associated Journal's, to build a hostel for students (Scheduled Caste) for which it was originally reserved. Not only did Associated Journals not construct the press building and library, but it also managed to obtain repeated extensions from the state government while continuing to hold on to the 30-year lease, which now expires 22/12/2014. After Anil Galgali RTI and Complaint made to Government now Company had started construction work. “Will you as chief minister be able to initiate proceedings for the state government to reclaim land that is now under the control of Rahul Gandhi? There is a question about this,” Galgali has said in his letter dated 2.11.2012. He goes on to say that the market value of the land is now about Rs 250 crore. But CM not take any action after reminder letter send by Galgali on dated 12.12.2013 .

# New Adarsh 'Saiprasad'

While a large part of the plot remains vacant after being allotted in 1983, one portion was parcelled off in 2000 to a housing society (Saiprasad) floated by Congressman Rajiv Chavan in which former Mumbai Congress chief Kripashankar Singh is a member. When a part of the plot was allotted to Sai Prasad, Singh was guardian minister for the Mumbai suburban region.

This land, facing the Western Express Highway and a stone’s throw away from Bandra station, is now home to Sai Prasad Housing Society, home to Singh, Chavan and a bunch of top bureaucrats some of who already owned other properties in the city and some others who are under the scanner in the Adarsh scam. Top Most bureaucrats like Swadhin Kshatriya, Jairaj Phatak, Dr Avinash Dhakane, Himanshu Roy,Hement Kotikar, Ajit Jain, Kishor Gajbeye, Milind Shambarkar, former Collector Sangitrao family members including his brother & daughter have flat in Saiprasad.

Activist Anil Galgali, who used the Right to Information Act to obtain details about the plot has now written to chief minister Prithviraj Chavan demanding that Associated Journal Ltd’s land be taken back by the government or  Rs 3.75 cr should not waive. The government should take the land back and build a hostel for students (Scheduled Caste) for which it was originally reserved,” said Galgali.

Railway not use 31% fund given by Bmc for Culvert & Nala desilting in railway jurisdiction

In the Railway Jurisdiction, Culvert & Nala desilting work not satisfied which expose by Wednesday Rain. Last 5 years Bmc paid Rs 9.60 cr for the work but Railway only spend Rs 6.59 cr and 31% till remain with Railway Treasury. Interesting Railway claims that quantity of Malba is not calculated. Its revels in a  query filed by RTI Activists Anil Galgali.

Athak Seva Sangh Chairman and RTI Activists Anil Galgali ask a query regarding Culvert & Nala desilting work done by Railway and how much fund provided by Bmc in last 5 years. Central Railway  Public Information Officer R K Yadav provided a information from 2009-10 to 2013-14.  Mr Yadav informed Galgali that from CSTM to Kanjurmarg 30, Kanjurmarg to Mulund TNN 13  and CSTM to Mankhurd 28, total 71 culverts are there and all were desilting but they have no records because quantity of Malba is not calculated by railway. This work done by  'Culvert Per Month Basis ' Unit. Bmc paid fund Rs 7,47,34,516 but Railway only spend Rs 4,77,20,456. Rs 2,70,14,060 till balance with Railway.

Western Railway Public Information Officer and Divisional Engineer(South) informed Galgali that in there jurisdiction 43 culvert and Nallas. Last 5 year, Bmc funded Rs 2,12,08,000  in that Rs 30,79,368 till balance with western railway and for  desilting Rs  1,81,28,632 spend by Railway. WR also not give actual quantity desilting done by there contractors.

A letter written to Railway Minister and Both General Manager of Central and Western Railway, Anil Galgali ask that Bmc every year without cry, funding Rs1.92 cr to Railway in there jurisdiction Culvert & Nala desilting then why railway derails in rain? Anil Galgali also demand to Railway to online all data including Quantity of Malaba and amount on there official Website and return balance amount  to bmc.

No need of Sanction to prosecute MLA Bachchu Kadu; same required for kripa Shankar

Just like the British rule, law applies differently in the matters of criminal prosecution in the Congress ruled States.This is what RTI activist Anil Galgali learnt from the replies received under the RTI Act by Mumbai Police. While the Mumbai Police straight away preferred to prosecute independent MLA Bachchu Kadu, they chose to act in a completely contradictory manner in the matter of Congress MLA Kripashankar Singh. Assembly Speaker denied permission to prosecute Krupashankar Singh recently.

RTI Activists Anil Galgali ask to the Mumbai Police that how many cases they proceed prosecute after received permission, without permission and after permission from the Assembly Speaker. In a reply by Marine Drive Police Station, Senior Police Inspector admit that they straight away preferred to prosecute independent MLA Bachchu Kadu, in an offence registered at the Marine Drive Police Station under sections 332, 353 of the I.P.C without permission from Assembly Speaker.

The act of MLA Kadu was not in the discharge of his official duty as it amounted to assaulting a Government servant. The same principle should have been applied in the case of MLA Kripashankar Singh, whose alleged act of amassing disproportionate wealth does not fall in the purview of ‘discharge of duty’. Said Galgali.

A catena of judgments by the Higher Judiciary confers sufficient liberty upon the investigating agencies to prosecute Public Servants without sanction. In the case of MLA Kripashankar Singh, the Bombay High Court division bench headed by CJ Mohit Shah, had delivered an in-depth verdict indicting Singh along with his family members for amassing unaccounted wealth exceeding crores of rupees. The Apex Court too turning down Singh’s plea against the Bombay High Court order, had directed the SIT headed by the Mumbai Police Commissioner to proceed with prosecution of Singh and others.
It now remains to be seen whether the Mumbai Police would proceed against the culprits sans this rejection of sanction by the Assembly Speaker, which Galgali suspects is an outcome of Kripashankar’s proximity with Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan and leaders across the party lines. “The doctrine of ‘law of equality’ should be adhered to by the Mumbai Police” feels Galgali.

Govt negligence effecting the prospects of Orphans & under privileged children

CM Shri Prithviraj Chavan had announced grant to the ITI functioning
under the Childrens Aid Society almost 30 months back, which has still
not received by the Society. This was disclosed by the Chief Executive
Officer of the Childrens Aid Society in a reply to the query filed by
RTI Activist Anil Galgali. In the past 23 years of the existence of
the Society almost 943 students secured jobs due to the ITI. Due to
the negligence the poor, under privileged orphans are suffering from
the govt lethargy.

Chairman of Athak Seva Sangh & RTI Activist Anil Galgali had sought
information about the ITI from the Childrens Aid Society. The CEO of
the Childrens Aid Society in its reply mentioned that the ITI was
established in August 1989 to provide industrial training to the poor,
underprivileged, orphan child. Since 1991 to 2013, 943 boys & girls
secured jobs in various prestigious companies due to the industrial
training being imparted by the institute. In 1999 almost 65 orphaned
students secured jobs. The ITI through its information center has been
successful in placing its passed out students as trainees in large
factories. The trainees were placed in establishments like the BARC,
BEST, Indian Railways & ONGC and many more likewise establishments in
both govt as well as private sector.

In-spite of such excellent track record the ITI is at present closed.
On the occasion of Children day on 15/11/2011 the CM himself had
announced the plan of reviving the institute which has still not
happened. Anil Galgali has expressed regret at the closure of the
institute and in a letter addressed to the CM, Anil Galgali has
reminded the promise made by the CM on the occasion and demanded an
immediate revival of the Institute, which has been responsible for the
rehabilitation of many orphan children in the mainstream. The absence
of the institute is certainly effecting the future of many more such
children who are in need of rehabilitation.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Don't Play with 2 crore people of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region

Don't Play with 2 crore people of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

2 crore people of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region are overburden by New Railway Hike in Fare. Pls don't play with emotion of common man. Its urges by RTI Activists & Chairman of Athak Seva Sangh(NGO),Anil Galgali who wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi & Rail Minister Sadanand Gaudda.Rail passengers in Metropolitan Region  will have to pay nearly double the fare for the monthly season tickets after Friday's harsh fare hike.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi & Rail Minister Sadanand Gaudda, Anil Galgali explain that In Mumbai, the monthly season pass of Rs 795 for the first class has been revised to Rs 1,930. Likewise, a first class commuter with a monthly pass of Rs 1,740 will now have to shell out Rs 2,120 for the same journey.  For over two crore people of the Mumbai metropolitan region, the local trains, their lifeline, will soon be two times more expensive. "Second class monthly season tickets fares shall be charged on the basis of 30 single journeys instead of around 15 single journeys charged currently," said Galgali.

Fares of first class monthly season tickets will be charged four times that of the second class monthly season tickets fares. The city local services consist of three lines: Western, Central and Harbour lines, ferrying together over 70 lakh people per day. The common man is already burdened, now he will be over-burdened. So its my request to once again you think and cancel the new fare hike behalf of All 2 crore people of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, said Galgali

Thursday, 5 June 2014

MMRDA spends Rs 15.82 lakh a month on PR for its image-building exercise

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, spends Rs 15.82 lakh per month and has appointed a public relations agency as a part of the image building exercise during Loksabha Election. Its revels a query under RTI filed by RTI Activists Anil Galgali.
RTI Activists Anil Galgali ask a query regarding PR Agency and details of payment made by MMRDA. MMRDA Joint Project Director Dilip Kavatkar informed Anil Galgali that MMRDA appointed a PR Agency namely M/s Ad Factor Pvt ltd for a period of 6 month and they paid Rs 39,57,972 for a period from January 2014 to March 2014.  Rs 7,86,520 have balance with MMRDA.

“The agency has been appointed for  execution of communication strategy for various projects implemented and executed by the authority in Public by various ways,” said the Dilip Kavatkar. He also claim that There is no specific instruction from the Chief Minister of Maharashtra in subject to appoint PR Agency.

During 2005 to 2011 , MMRDA spends nearabout 4 crores to appoint 3 PR Agency. That time after Anil Galgali complaint, MMRDA not continued the agency after contract period end. Anil Galgali complaint to the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary & MMRDA Commissioner and urges that MMRDA is a Public Authority and present their has Public Relation Department then why they appointed a Private Firm and wasting public fund.

MMRDA not continued the agency after contract period end. MMRDA is a Public Authority and present their has Public Relation Department then why they appointed a Private Firm and wasting public fund. MMRDA now a separate beat to every media house and they give best coverage to all projects realted MMRDA. This PR Agency also get a office with all facilities in MMRDA headquarter free of cost, said Galgali.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

BMC suffers Rs 100 crore loss in Water and Sewage charges,to unholy nexus of its officials with builders

It has come to notice that the BMC officials in collusion with builders are not recovering extra water and additional sewarage charges before issuing the CC (Commencement Certificate) for the buildings, which has resulted in loss of approx Rs 100 crores for the BMC. After a complaint was filed by Social Activist Anil Galgali, the officials to cover up their act has now recovered Rs 19.60 crores in the further ongoing projects to actions.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali, also Chairman of Athak Seva Sangh had vide his letter dt 06/09/2013 addressed to Shri Sitaram Kunte highlighted how the loopholes in the improvised water charges rules is resulting in losses to the BMC revenue. After Kunte ordered a enquiry in the issue, the things suddenly started changing. The Water supply dept and the Sewerage dept started scrurinizing the building proposals in the Water and Building Proposal dept and recovered Rs 19.60 crores. Water Supply and Sewage department's Chief Accounted H.M.Nikam inform Mr Galgali that they received Rs 19.60 crore from 250 connection in various ward's. The highest amount recovered in P North Ward was Rs 6,59,75,884. Then S Ward (3,89,01,167), H West Ward (2,34,43,019), E Ward (1,26,79,167), D Ward (1,15,64,521) has recovers amount above 1 crore.

BMC's Hydraulic dept had modified the rules for levying water charges and the same was implemented from 16/06/2012 onwards. In the improvised rules while considering new building proposals as per rule no 1.1 it was supposed to levy Rs 475 per sq mtr as charges for extra water supply for additional construction and As charges for additional and basement construction area. It was also proposed to recover  60 % as Sewerage charges. The said conditions were included in the IOD issued for the project. But the due diligence to ensure that the conditions of IOD were fulfilled at the time of issueing CC was never done at the behest of officials who are hand in glove with the builders for their mutual benefit.

Inspite of recovery of Rs 19.60 crores on the complaint of Anil Galgali, it is being observed the the losses due to nexus could be to the tune of Rs 100 crores, no actions are being initiated against the officials involved in the lapses. Anil Galgali in a letter addressed to Sitaram Kunte has demanded actions against the officials involved and also further increase the intensity of the scrutiny which will surely ensure recovery of revenue of almost Rs 100 cr.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

MCGM spent Rs 79.63 lakh on lawyers in Campa Cola illegality case

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai(MCGM) spent Rs 79.63 lakh to rope in senior advocates in  Campa Cola illegality in various Courts. A query filed by Anil Galgali under the RTI Act, revealed that MCGM hired senior advocates to fight the cases challenging the Campa Cola legality. MCGM had hired senior advocates Gulam Vanwati- known for fighting tricky cases- Pallav Sisodia, S.U. Kamdar and Joquim Rais. In a case of illegality no staff was responsible, claims by MCGM.

RTI Activists Anil Galgali file a query with MCGM Building Proposal Department on 18 November 2013. That department transfer Galgali's  application to legal department. MCGM's legal department PIO & Dy Law Officer P. V.Naik said the MCGM had paid Rs 79,63,000 to the four lawyers. He claims that expenses incurred by the MCGM towards payment of Counsels engaged in representing and pleding in the case of Campa Cola. The information obtained from the record maintained by the Accounts Department of the legal department in day to day discharge of their duties.

According information supply by legal department clears that in Bombay City Civil Court, MCGM hire Counsel Joquim Rais and pay him Rsc1,50,000. In High Court, Counsel S.U. Kamdar attend case and received Rs 1,35,000 for his apperence. In Supreme Court, MCGM so caution so they hire two Counsel named Gulam Vanwati and Pallav Sisodia. Gulam Vanwati who is also ex Attorney General of India, get Rs 57,75,00 and Pallav Sisodia get Rs 19,03,000 for there appears.

Anil Galgali also sought to know that how many officers and other staff suspended and dismissed by MCGM in Campa Cola illegality case. Building Proposal department Assistant Engineer Shri M.G.Borikar Claims that such type of information not available on their office record.

Friday, 14 March 2014

No permission sought from the Speaker by Maharashtra / Mumbai Police to prosecute MLA's in Maharashtra for past 10 years.

Investigative agencies in Maharashtra have to seek permission of the Speaker if it wants to prosecute any MLA for any offences. It has come to notice now that the Maharashtra or the Mumbai police have never applied for any permission from the Speaker to prosecute any MLA in Maharashtra in the past 10 years. This information has been revealed in a reply to a query filed by RTI Activist Anil Galgali.
In a query filed by Anil Galgali, to the Speaker office seeking information about various permissions sought by Maharashtra or Mumbai Police to prosecute various MLA's involved in various offences in the past 10 years. In the reply to the query, Shri Umesh Shinde, Desk Officer, Maharashtra Legislative Secretariat informed that - Nil - Permissions were sought. He also sought to know what kind of proposals for sanctions to prosecute are needed to be sent to the Speaker & On which cases does not require permission of Speaker to prosecute any MLA. In the reply to this query also was given as Nill. Anil Galgali had sought information on the same subject from Mumbai & Maharashtra Police also. In reply to the query, ACP (Coordination), Mumbai Police said that they have transferred and referred the query to Maharashtra Legislative secretariat. On behalf of Maharashtra Police, its Public Information Officer D D Phadke replied that they have no records of the information sought. It is significant to note here that as per an NGO's survey almost 146 MLA's & 26 MP's have criminal records in Maharashtra.
Recently, as per media reports the then Mumbai Police Commissioner Dr Satyapal Singh had announced that the Mumbai Police has sought permission from the Speaker to prosecute MLA & Ex Minister of State (Home) Shri Kripashankar Singh in a Disproportionate Asset case filed with it. But from the information now revealed in the reply to the query filed by Anil Galgali, it can be understood that no such correspondence seems to have been done in actuality.
Anil Galgali has said that it can be always seen that the Police dept projects that the permission to prosecute any MLA has been sought from the Speaker, and is waiting to receive the permission to proceed against such Public representatives, where as in actuality no such correspondence is undertaken, actually lowers the image of the Speaker among st the public, wherein he is seen as withholding such permissions. This can be easily seen in the case of said permissions being awaited in the Kripashankar Singh case whereas in actuality no permission has been sought.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wait of another 6 months for online viewing of documents and files of the BMC

As a part of e-governance initiative, the BMC has planned to make all its administrative documents and files online, this would enable citizens to view any files on a single click and comfort of his home or office. But they will have to wait for more 6 months as the papers need to be scanned and stored. Out of 80 crore pages only 7 crore pages have been scanned till date, this was revealed in its reply to a query filed by RTI Activist Anil Galgali.

Anil Galgali in a query filed with the IT dept of the BMC had enquired about the status of progress of scanning of documents. Mahesh Narvekar, Director, IT Dept & Public Information Officer for the dept, informed that, the BMC intends to scan and store all the administrative documents and files. Out of 80 crore pages, 7 crore pages have been scanned up till now, this means only around 9% scanning has been achieved. On further query whether the scanned pages are available for public viewing? Mr Narvekar replied, that the BMC requires a software called Document Management system to make the documents available to public, since the process for purchasing the software system is in progress, it will take another 6 months to make the documents available. Further in the query of how much is this going to cost? Mr Narvekar replied the BMC will be paying as per the rate fixed by the State Govt of Rs 0.36 (36 paise) per page, this also includes the cost of indexing.

Galgali further asked for the intention of carrying out the scanning project, to which Mr Narvekar replied that the BMC intends to digitalise all its documents and create a back up of it. The BMC feels that the statutory subjects, approvals and analysis of inquiries and information's is of utmost importance in this era. This will also ensure that the files cannot be tampered, altered or destroyed with ulterior motives, also in case of any unforeseen disasters, the digital backup will ensure that public services are not hampered and will be responsive and transperant. Anil Galgali has said that this is of utmost importance and should be completed as soon as possible, so that the mumbaikars can take benefit of the same at the earliest.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Mantralaya Makeover Project & the infamous Campa Cola Compound share the same Architect

In a shocking revelation it has come to light that the Architect of the now infamous Campa Cola project in Worli, which attained notoriety due to its illegal planning and construction of excess floor's is also the Architect of the important Mantralaya makeover project which got necessitated due to fire. This shocking revelation came to light after RTI Activist Anil Galgali filed an RTI with the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. After coming to light that Architect Raja Aederi is involved with the makeover project, Galgali has cautioned the administration by requesting Prithviraj Chavan to be careful and cautious.

Anil Galigali had filed an RTI with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) on 18/11/2013 seeking information about the illegal construction carried out in the Campa Cola compound and also details of action taken by the MCGM regarding the various violations. Instead of giving a written reply regarding action taken on the developer & the Architect in this case, the Building Proposal dept of the MCGM invited Galgali to personally inspect the file. While going through the file, the first thing that came to notice was that it was Architect Raja Aederi, who had submitted the permission proposal to the Executive Engineer, Building Proposals Dept. The Ward Officer (Estates) in a letter dt 21/09/1982 had replied and informed Architect Raja Aederi referring his letter dt 03/09/1982, that his plot size plan is not in concurrence to the plot area shown, which is wrong and also the plot is not subdivided.

17719.58 sq mtrs of land in the Worli TPS Scheme no - 58, Plot no 9, was allotted to M/s Pure Drinks Pvt Ltd on lease by the MCGM. Originally the land was fell under the Industrial zone. Acting on the application by M/s Pure Drinks Pvt Ltd, the Maharashtra Govt approved the land use as Residential for 13049.45 sq mtrs under the MRTP Act, Section 37(2) vide its order no - TPB/4380/2892/NaVi - 5 dt 31/12/1980. Initially the MCGM gave the permissions to start construction on the plot on the application proposals submitted by Architect Raja Aederi. It had also restricted extra constructions on the plot simultaneously. In spite of the directions the developers and the Architect continued the construction activity in violation of the permissible area allowed as per approved plans. Further the MCGM issued Stop Work notice under section 354 A dt 12/11/1984, which was also not heeded by the developers and the Architect. The work continued in spite of such notices. Initially Raja Aederi and thereafter B K Gupta, Jayant Tipnis & Hemant were appointed as Architects in the project. The developers paid Rs 6,56,800/- as penalty against the order dt 22/11/1986 of the Addl Municipal Commisssioner on 14/01/1987. But the illegality could not be regularized and the fresh plans could not be approved as the Penalty was not calculated on the basis of land rate. In violation of the approved plans, the developers and the architect constructed extra floors on its buildings. MCGM took actions under MCGM Act 353 against the Yusuf Patel, B K Gupta & Madanjit Singh. It also initiated actions under section 353 A on the illegal occupants (Residents) of the buildings. With regard to the information of action taken on the responsible Municipal Officers the reply given to Anil Galgali stated that the said records are not available.

It has also been revealed that the then Minister of State (UD), Mr Ravindra Mane, Mayor Chandrakant Handore & Nandu Satam had tried to pressurize the MCGM to sanction Water connection to the buildings in Campa Cola Compound. Also Ex Mayor R R Singh, A Pinto, Ramesh Prabhoo, Baban Kanavaje had repeatedly complained against the illegal construction and demanded actions.

In letters addressed to the Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary (PWD), & Municipal Commissioner, Anil Galgali, Chairman Athak Seva Sangh has cautioned the administration to pay extra attention to the Mantralaya Makeover project as the Architect of both the projects are same. If due precautions are not taken and caution overlooked and in the process if any irregularities occur, a repeat of Campa Cola cannot be ruled out, which could be embarrassing for the govt. It seems the govt has conferred an award to the architect by appointing him on such a prestigious project. Anil Galgali further demanded from the govt that, Instead of ensuring that such Architect does not practice in Maharashtra, Why is  the Govt encouraging such people? Ask question by Galgali.