Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Adarsh Commission fails to give opportunity of hearing to petitioners

The judicial commission set up by the state to investigate the Adarsh scam involving top politicians & bureaucrats of Maharashtra is set to submit its report to the government. But the commission has overlooked a large chunk of petitioners, not even allowing them an opportunity of proper hearing. This is in violation of basic tenets of natural justice, I submitted a written memorandum to the Hon'ble  Speaker of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, Dilip Walse-Patil pointing out this major flaw in procedure. The activist had tried to point this to the commission, which has wound up its hearing of petitions on 15 Jan 2013 itself.  Adarsh Commission Secretary N N Kumbhar refused to accept the complaint, but to submit a writen complaint  to the Speaker of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, a house on whose insistence a probe was ordered into and question why there statement after 2 years not record nor they call up by Commission.

My affidavit ( 14 Feb 2011) has pleaded that the commission should inquire the role of all  MMRDA Commissioners who issued CC & OC,  a probe into the way 3 Commencement Certificates were given to Adarsh by three different MMRDA commissioners; in 2005 by Dr Suresh Joshi, in 2007 by Dr T Chandrashekhar and in 2008 by Ratnakar Gaikwad. Occupation Certificate issue by then MMRDA Metropolitan Commissioner Ratnakar Gaikwad and Additional Metropolitan Commissioner SVR Srinivas in 2010. 

MMRDA, the Special Planning Authority, knew about the various stages of construction of the Adarsh society building.  Moreover, MMRDA withdrew the Occupation Certificate (OC) issued to the building in haste soon after the scam grabbed media attention and Ashok Chavan had to resign from the post of CM. MMRDA collected money Rs 8,11,80,,436 from the society under various heads and was aware of the stages of the building's construction. Adarsh paid a huge penalty to it for regularising  its 28th floor construction. The development charges(Rs 15,13,435), Staircase, lift premium and scrutiny fee(Rs 7,22,26,754),Balcony enclosure fees(Rs 33,42,000),Scrutiny fees(Rs 1,24,012),Penalty(Rs39,74,235).

I demanded that commission Should serve its purpose with good intention as a judicial commission should do. I also surprised when he tried to lodge a complaint before commission. Secretary N N Kumbhar said, "our work has been completed, so complaint can not be received.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

BMC 15 FOB Construction Work not start after 1 year

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is totally fail to even start Construction after 1 year. Its Reveals by RTI filed by Athak Seva Sangh.

Athak Seva Sangh   ask Bmc bridges Dept that What is the reason to not start foot overbridges (FOB) after its sanction and provide the total number of bridges throughout City.  BMC bridges dept Executive Engineer reply that there are total 73 bridges under BMC. Bmc pay Rs 16.1 Crores to Railway for the work of FOB at Railway premises. Bmc Sanction total 15 new FOB  on 2 Jan 2012 in  the city on Design-Build-Operate-Transfer (DBOT) basis. 

The bridges are as following.1) Extension of FOB at Matunga Railway Station near Ruparel college across Senapati Bapat Marg at Matunga (Western Railway) in G North ward 2) FOB at Yellow bunglow bus stop at Sion- Bandra link Road 3)  FOB at  Mahim Phatak to Senapati Bapat Marg between Electric pole 7 to 9 at Mahim Railway Station 4) FOB at  Near Phoenix Mill, opp Empire house across Senapati Bapat Marg in G South Ward 5) FOB at  Worli Naka in G South ward 6) FOB at  Nehru Planetarium near NAB School across Dr A B Road in G South Ward 7) FOB at  Across G M Link road at Mohite Patil Nagar (PMGP Colony)in M East Ward 8) FOB at LBS Marg fron St Michael School to SBI, Kurla West in L ward 9) FOB at Lal Dongar across V N Purav Marg in M West Ward 10) FOB at Ghatkopar Mankhurd link Road at Indian Oil Nagar in M East Ward 11) FOB at  St Xavier's School to Birla Company,Kanjurmarg West in S ward 12) FOB at  Sathe Nagar on Ghatkopar Mankhurd link Road in M east Ward 13) FOB at  Goregaon -Mulund link Road(near kokan Swad Hotel) Bangur Nagar Signal Goregaon West in P South Ward 14) FOB at  Dahisar River Near Gaothan Dahisar West in R North ward 15) FOB at  NAB office at Khan Abdul Gaffar khan Road,Worli Seaface. 
Bmc avoid the reason to not start FOB work after sanction in 2012, they give reply that they don't understand what RTI want to say.

To construct 15 foot overbridges in the city which will cost the Contracter around  Rs 25,63,13,127 . Bmc will be given advertising rights for the bridges for the next 15 years through which contracter can recover their construction cost.”

We wrote to Municipal Commissioner Sitaram Kunte and demand to act fast to start the construction of all bridge work so number of accidents will be control and the Basic idea to Construction such FOB will success.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Assitant Municipal Commissioner had powers to Scrutinize Applications

A NGO, Athak Seva Sangh  had been fighting an 44 months battle to amendment after he found out about the Ward Councils Committees being misused. I use 3 Weapon's like RTI, Citizen Charter and CM Lokshahi Din. Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan after 1 year  clear a file that permits had powers to Scrutinize Applications in the appointment of NGOs on ward committees. 

The appointment of members for the committee, which monitors the local civic issues, was decided by corporators till the state government amended it in January to ensure better functioning. Under Signature of  Deputy secretary Mr A S Jiwane, Govt of Maharastra issue Notification dated 21st January 2013 .Till the amendment, politicians made their aides members in civic ward committees on the pretext of being part of an NGO. The committee has the powers to sanction civic work up to Rs 5 lakh. The system was flawed as the Assitant Municipal Commissioner /ward officer had no powers described to scrutinize the applications, which they received by people claiming to be working in NGOs. 

This lack of scrutiny allowed politicians and their so-called followers to get backdoor entry into the ward committees. "NGOs were kept at bay as corporators felt that the NGOs would create a nuisance by questioning many of their decisions," said a senior BMC official. "During 2002 and 2007, several nominated members of political parties became part of ward committees," the official added. 

For 44 months Behalf of Athak Seva Sangh, I  pressed for the amendment after found out about the committees being misused. I first approached the Urban Development department officials  and then Chief Minister Ashok Chavan's Lokshaahi Din on 4 Jan 2010 following which an amendment allowing Assitant Municipal Commissioner / ward officers to scrutinize the nominated members was approved. Its a happiest moment for me after this new amended bcz now actual NGOs and true member are possible to be selected.

Earlier, the Assitant Municipal Commissioner/ Ward Officers  had no powers described to scrutinize applications, which they received by people claiming to be working in NGOs

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

BMC's favoritism at SPARC under scanner

Even after 8 years SPARC, an NGO working for rehabilitation of hutments has totally failed to Rehabilitate the people  from Byculla E ward footpath. But BMC has overlooked this issue of settlement of hutments to its own PAP, free of Cost. This has been revealed by RTI query .

Athak Seva Sangh asked details of permission which were given to SPARC to rehab 13 footpath hutments. Assistant Engineer of E ward informed that under Mahatma Gandhi Path Kranti Yojana BMC decided to clear 13 footpath huts  and appointed SPARC to Rehab all hutments. SPARC has got a plot admeasuring 4710 Sq Mts at Mankhurd for the scheme. But SPARC built only 1 building in which 77 hutments were shifted from Jhula Maidan, Sophia Zuber Road, Shanti Nagar Kamathi Pura 14th Road and Dimtimkar Street. Now 8 years have passed but the hutments at different  Footpaths likes Water Street, Meghraj Shetty Marg Apna Zopadapatti, Jhula Maidan,Sophia Zuber Road, Shanti Nagar Kamathi Pura 14th Road, 2nd Peerkhan Street and Tank Pakhadi Road's huts are yet to be rehabilitated. 536 hutment dwellers from 9 Roads formed an Association called "Mahila Milan Co-Op Sanstha". despite of negligence and delay, Additional Municipal Commissioner, Eastern Suburb awarded SPARC to allot PAP free of cost at Natavarlal Parkeh Compound, Mankhurd. 

Also same Officer issued special letter dated 15.10.2012 to all Dy Municipal Commissioners and Assistant Municipal  Commissioners  to help SPARC. SPARC assured bmc that tenements constructed by them will be handed over back to MCGM in the lieu of the present shifting of pavement dwellers. Interestingly Assitant Commissioner of E ward to insisted SPARC to rehabilitate of all eligible hutment dwellers from 7 Roads in E ward in the buildings going to be constructed by SPARC at Mankhurd is neglected by Add Municipal Commissioner, Eastern Suburb.

Athak Seva Sangh  has written a letter to Municipal Commissioner to cancel the contract of spark and also to take back prime location plot. He has demanded that if BMC develops the plot itself, it will get more PAP and also will save worth Rs. crores of of TDR. 

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

BMC Bridge Work on Mithi River is going Slow

To avoid 26 July 2005 flood like situation, BMC had decided to build 5 bridges on Mithi River from CST to Powai. But tiil now only Krantinagar Bridge has been completed and Bmc has already spent. 51.06 crores on 4 bridge projects. It has been revealed by RTI query filed by me.
I asked BMC bridges Dept about how many bridges were constructed on Mithi River from CST to Powai and what is status of all bridge work. BMC bridge Dept Executive Engineer of Eastern Suburb replied that Krantinagar bridge work is completed so  far and bmc spent Rs 5.72 crores. This bridge is important for Mithi River because it is close to Airport culvert where Bmc Width is 12.50 meter and 102 mt length. Originally its width is 8.35 mt and length is 34.25 mt.

Kurla Kalina Bridge is widened by 20.80 mt (6 mt) and 125 mt by length (46 mt) which total cost is Rs 24.90 crores. But when it was not completed till 31 Dec 2010, so Bmc gave new deadline for 12 April 2013. Ashok Nagar bridge is new one and Bamandai pada bridge was not completed till 16 April 2011. Then New deadline was fixed 16 nov 2014 and total cost of both Bridge is Rs 20.44 crores. Bamandai bridge's new width is  18.30 mt ( old 6 mt) and length is 28.75 mt (old is 25 mt). Ashok nagar bridge is newly constructed by bmc with a width of 18.30 mt and length is 45 mt. The CST Bridge is proposed and its estimate and drafting is in tendering process. Its length is now 50 mt which be increase by 1000 mt and width is proposed 45 mt which now only 12.90 mt.

BMC officials slow work  affected to complete all bridge work within the new deadlines. There has not been cost escalation which is a good news for mumbaikars. "But its BMC's duty to make available bridge for traffic movement.

The Dream Santacruz Chembur Link Road ( SCLR ) project is get Green Signal from CRS

The Dream Santacruz Chembur Link Road ( SCLR ) project is get Green Signal from Commissioner of Railway Safety. MMRDA Additional Commissioner SVR Srinivas Monday Confirm that MMRDA presentation is approved by CRS. Mr Srinivas give reply which raised by journlist about dealy in SCLR project

Athak Seva Sangh a NGO who follow up this issue with MMRDA,MSRDC and Central Railway Department to complete this dream project from last 6 years. MMRDA under MUTP has taken up the work of Santacruz Chembur Link Road in the year of 2003-04. Actual Start in 2004-20005. Except the Railway portion MMRDA has completed 90% work till date and the balanced work will be completed by 31st March 2013. In the Railway portion the MMRDA could not take up the work because of various issues. MMRDA clearly blames that Central Railway has changed the GAD 3 to 4 times as per their requirements. After paying the deposit Railway could not shift their utilities as per program. Railway has taken enormous time to clear the design & drawings. Today Monday  Railway/CRS has approved the launching scheme on Central Railway Main line. For giving permissions to work in the Central Railway land, the Railway Authority has got the benefit of Rs. 146 crores from MMRDA including the construction of Tilak Nagar Terminus arm from SCLR double decker Fly-over. Its cost around Rs 20 crores.  World bank funded MUTP project is very vital Road link joining Santacruz to Chembur where MMRDA is a Nodal agency for the MUTP and Execution of the work is being done by MSRDC. Because of delay in completion of project, world bank suspended the loan since 15th june 2011 and thereafter completing this dream project through their own finance.MMRDA has deposited Rs 16,60,50,000 Being capitalized Maintenance charges at 30% cost of structures in Railway Land. (ie 30% of Rs 53.55 crores) on 26 feb 2007. MMRDA has deposited Rs 4,42,00,000 towards Codal Charges.  A amount of Rs 1,62,25,954 deposited dated 27 May 2005 for the shifting of signaling and Electrical utilities of central Railway due to the construction of viaduct across main line. An amount of Rs 2,02,67,079 deposited dated 20 Sep 2005 towards the modification of OHE structures of Central Railway near kurla station. An amount of Rs 86,35,000 was deposited dated 24 march 2006 towards the relocation of for Central Railway structures near Kurla station. MMRDA put in a great effort in Rehabilitating 250 Families from Central Railway land in Sable Nagar at a cost of 100 crores and dismantled the hutments and in getting the Central Railway land vacated.

This scheme of SCLR may save around Rs. 320 crores per year in terms of less consumption of fuel of MAHARASHTRA GOVERNMENT which will also increase by about Rs. 50 crores per year. However the Commissioner of Railway Safety is giving green signal to the launching scheme on main line. Anil Galgali says that its really good news foer mumbaikar who are suffer from 10 years to dealy work. Galgali requested to MMRDA and MSRDC to give full attention on this dream project and completed it till 31 oct 2013

After Commissioner of Railway Safety  Clear the file and give Green Signal to the launching scheme on Central Railway Main line, without any further delay, SCLR  may be completed by 31 Oct 2013. Overall 80% Work is completed

6 Deadline Missed but still only 76.66 % Mumbai First Metro Station Work Completed

The first Metro Project VAG Corridor from Versova- Andheri-Ghatkoper has missed Its 6 deadline set by itself as of now only 76.66 % station work and 92 % Structure work is completed as per the information obtained by me through an RTI query. Now they have set a deadline of May 2013 for starting part services on the Corridor from Versova to Airport station

I filed a RTI query to MMRDA asking about the status of the Metro project. MMRDA vide there reply stated that structure work of almost 92% has been completed while the construction of station work on the 12 station on the project averagely has been 76.66% complete as on the date. On the issue of fresh deadline the MMRDA obtain information from Reliance's Mumbai Metro One Pvt limited(MMOPL) where in MMOPL gives details of its previous deadline is extended. Various deadline missed by MMOPL as follows 1) July 2010 2) Sep 2010 3) july 2011  4) March 2012  5) Nov 2012  and 6) May 2013

However Interesting that the Govt Safeguard its interest regarding the cost Escalation has put the onus on MMOPL hence MMRDA will not suffer loss due to the delay and cost Escalation. As per the RTI reply, cost of the first metro project- a first on public private partnership (PPP), is Rs 2356 crore. MMRDA is 26 percent stakeholder in the project. Central government is pooling in Rs 471 crore out of total amount of Rs 650 crore of Viability Gap , while balance cost of Rs 179 crore is shared by the state government as well as MMRDA.

I raised doubts on the deadline that is be set once again he also urges CM to give priority to quality construction there by enable effective service rather then trying to project as per the deadline as the same has been rendered ineffective has been seen in the past hence he once again requested to the CM that even if the 6th deadline gets missed the Govt should  start services only after it is assured of Safe Operations which can be Ascertained only after the structure Audit Report is received by the Govt or else We could find that the Mumbai's First Metro may the similar fate has that of Delhi Metro which services has to suspended after starting due to Structural Technical issues.

# Mishap on First Metro Construction

Further I sought information on there status of the inquiry on the various mishap taken place during the Metro Work Construction project. In his reply MMRDA inform that total of 7 mishap which resulted in 6 casualties  and 17 injured for Which MMOPL has paid compensation the amount of Rs- 49.08 lacks and MMRDA has levied Fine of Rs 46.50 lacks on MMOPL