Thursday, 23 January 2014

Mantralaya Makeover without Nod from heritage committee.

While the redevelopment project's of the common man are facing inconvenience created by the heritage committee, the government does not feel the need to take the mandatory clearance from the heritage committee for his Mantryala makeover project. This was revealed in a reply to the query filed by Anil Galgali.

Anil Galgali had filed a query Under RTI at The Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee (MHCC) seeking information about Mantryala Makeover on 30 November 2013. Galgali sought to know whether Mantryala Makeover project, New under construction building and new stairway elevention on the front side has been given clearance from the MHCC. MHCC's Public Information Officer and MCGM Deputy Architectural Scientist  confirm that No NOC have been issued in the case. Galgali also sought to know whether Mantryala Building comes under the category of Heritage and if yes when was the declared heritage structure. In a reply it was informed that Mantralaya structure falls under category Grade IIB heritage structure and same has been published in the list dated 31July 2012. Mantralaya, a Grade IIB heritage structure, has seven floors, the top four of which had been ravaged by the June 21 inferno.

In a letter written to the Chief Minister Prithiviraj Chavan Galgali highlighted that many redevelopment project's in the city have been stalled due to absence of NOC from the heritage committee and also non clarity on the various structure published in the list. On the other side government itself igoneres the heritage committee and goes about the Makeover plan's without seeking NOC. Galgali also implored the CM to follow his own rule and regulations.

Vasant Purke's Wife & Prakash Jawdekar's Son Surrendered CM Quota Flat

In Mumbai, the country's hottest real estate market, Adarsh Housing Society is just one case that has boiled over into a political controversy. But there are many similar property deals that have escaped the media glare. Congress leader and Deputy speaker of Maharastra Assembly Vasant Purake's  wife PREMLATA and Bjp spokperson Prakash Jawedkar's son APURVA  are  surrender CM quota flat after expose by RTI. This was revealed in a reply to the query filed by Anil Galgali.

Anil Galgali had filed a query Under RTI at ULC Mumbai office seeking information about how many beneficiary surrender there flat. ULC department Public Information Officer confirm that Vasant Purake's wife  Premlatha and Prakash Jawedkar's son Apurva are already surrendered CM quota flat. Purake on 27.4.2012 and Jawadekar on 9.12.2013 had surrendered there CM quoto flat. Premlatha purake get flat at Oshivara on 05.02.2002 though Mr Purake have also flat in other government scheme. BJP spokesperson Prakash Jawdekar's other son Ashutosh Jawdekar also get CM quoto flat in 10.12.2001 at Powai Hiranandani, Kingstone Building and  after 18 month he sold it on 04.06.2003. Also one kalpana Sathye after notice issued by Govt, surrendered the CM Quota flat.  Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan also one of the beneficiery of CM quota flat and the matter is also disputed. 

Anil Galgali also sought to know whether government has take any action on beneficiary who misguided and cheated government. Same officer confirm that there is enquiry going on and other beneficiary names are search by there office who are similar cheated government.

According to government documents politicians, officers, personalities in the local entertainment industry and  among other fields, made a killing by selling apartments allotted at highly concessional rates under the chief minister's quota in the open market, and, often, well before the lock-in period concluded.
Close to 42% of such apartments in the past 10 years were sold off later; and more than 1,000 flats, where allotment carried a five-year lock-in period, were sold before the stipulated period.
The government documents, accessed under the Right to Information Act (RTI) by Anil Galgali show that 3,994 flats were allotted under the urban land ceiling (ULC) scheme in various categories in Mumbai city and suburbs between 1999 and 2010. Of these, 1,008 flats were resold within five years of allotment.

RTI activist Anil Galgali wrote to CM and CS to take legal action on Purake,Jawadekar and Sathye who were surrendered there flat. Galgali demand that government should not consider to give Relif who's  fraud and chetaing came in light and urge to take legal action against the cheaters & fraudulent. 

Others who have been allotted flats and have resold them at a hefty profit include senior activists of several political parties, many artistes from Marathi film and entertainment industry, other fields and several close relatives of politicians. Most have paid a transfer fee of anything between 25,000 and 1 lakh. Some have even resold their flats within a month of getting allotment from government.

Monday, 6 January 2014

State security will be compromised so PWD withholding expenditure of Maharashtra CM, DCM & CS office

The state government of Maharashtra held up the bogey of ' state security' to withhold information on expenditure incurred on Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister & Chief Secratary temporary office after the original office was destroyed in Mantralaya fire of 21 June 2012. This came to light following a Right to Information (RTI) query filed by activist Anil Galgali.

After the fire at the Mantralaya gutted three whole floors at the secretariat building, the repairs and renovation work is awarded the cost to Rs 138 crore. After so many changes work  cost has increased but PWD department not ready to give detail of  increase cost, said Galgali. After the fire CM, DCM & CS office shifted at First floor on which crores of Rupees spend on sitting arrangements. now there office's are shifts at 6th floor so  again this office plan to demolished. Galgali ask that how many money spend on that temporary arrangement. Now whats a plan sanction for first floor office's and estimated cost. This simple  information  rejected  to RTI Activists Anil Galgali  by PWD claiming that its not necessary to give information in the view of State security will be compromised.

“In the first phase,  M/s. Unity Infraprojects limited will complete the repairs and renovation of the floors that were damaged in the June 21 fire. In the second phase the remaining three floors — the ground floor to the third floor — will be renovated,” as reply to Galgali. Work Tender accept on 24 Dec 2012 and Government of Maharashtra give 8 months time period to complete both Phase 1 and Phase2. Till Govt paid Rs  94,18,78,476 in which civil work cost is Rs 57,38,57,763 and Electrical work cost is Rs 13,69,98,175. Total Rs  71,08,55,938  paid to M/s Unity Infraprojects Ltd.  Second highest amount Rs 13,72,19,038  paid to Executive Engineer, South Mumbai Electrical department. M/s Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd get Rs 4,99,77,456 by PWD Department. Rs 4,04,18,000  paid to consultant. M/s Raja Aederi Consultants Pvt Ltd  who submit Rs 4.04 crores bills from 28 feb 2013 to 22 Oct 2013. PWD paid Rs. 11,23,600 to Register IIT Mumbai, Rs 10,44,800 to BEST, Rs 8,87,644 to  M/s  HM Raje Structural Consultants Pvt Ltd and Rs 3,52,000 to MCGM for various work.

Mantralaya work also delay and its again shows that PWD is not monitor the work properly. PWD argument on withholding expenditure of Maharashtra CM, DCM & CS office have no sense and trying to hide basic information which should be publish and updated by PWD department on there website under the section 4(1) of RTI Act 2005, said Galgali