Thursday, 15 October 2015

Mumbai Police's new head quarter project delayed by over 32 months

The precedent in delay of projects being executed in Mumbai seems to have engulfed the project to construct a new Mumbai Police head quarters too. The project has been delayed by 32 months and the contractor M/s Choudhary and Choudhary has been fined Rs 16.68 Lakhs for the delay, this information was provided to RTI activist Anil Galgali by the Maharashtra police housing and welfare corporation. RTI activist Anil Galgali had filed a query with the Maharashtra state Police Housing and Welfare Corporation seeking information about the new building in it head quarters. The Public Information officer and Audit officer Shri S M Devkar in response to the query, informed Galgali that, the work order for the proposed project was issued to the contractor M/s Choudhary and Choudhary on 25/08/2011 for total cost of Rs 32 crores and the period for completion of the project was envisaged for 18 months. The project supposed to be completed by 24/02/2013 was given an extension upto 31/05/2014. The cost escalation in the project was Rs 22.55 crores of which 13.88 crores was for building works and other activities, 5.75 crores was for Interiors and furnishings, 23 Lakhs for Kitchen and Canteen, 2.69 crores for Air Conditioning of the building. #Architect fees was Rs 36,48,329 M/s Hafeez Contractor was appointed as the Architect for the project for a fees of Rs 36 lakhs 48 thousands 329. Galgali was further informed that building would be for Ground +6 floors and the new building would accommodate 32 officers and 950 staff. # Contractor fined Rs 16.68 Lakhs The contractor M/s Choudhary and Choudhary was levied fine for the delay from 01/06/2014 onwards and till 31/08/2015 Rs 16 lakhs 68 thousand has been recovered.

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