Thursday, 29 October 2015

Dance troupe returns Rs8 lakhs sanctioned to it from CM Relief Fund

By returning the grant of Rs 8 lakhs for dance competition at Bangkok by the dance troupe, it has now been confirmed that it was a grave mistake committed by the CM. RTI activist Anil Galgali, who exposed this misuse of the CM Relief Fund has now appealed to CM Devendra Fadnavis to accept the lapse committed by him and hence forward be vigilant in sanctioning from the fund, which has to be done to a needy. At a time when the state is facing the severest brunt of ongoing drought, which has fuelled a spate of suicides amongst the farmers in the state. The common man from all walks of life including students are chipping in their best contribution to the CM Relief Fund so as to enable the CM and the govt to provide maximum relief to the population hit by the calamities, it has come to light that the funds contributed to the CM fund is being misused. In a RTI reply accessed by the RTI activist Anil Galgali it has come to light that Rs 8 lakhs has been sanctioned by the CM to fund a 15 strong government employees dance troupe to enable them to attend a competition held at Bangkok, Thailand. Rs 8 Lakhs was sanctioned by the CM from the CM Relief Fund to Sachivalaya Gymkhana for the dance competition. It is also interesting to note here that the CM himself functions as the Chairman of the Sachivalaya Gymkhana. RTI activist Anil Galgali had sought information from the CM Relief Fund desk about the assistance provided by it to Sachivalaya Gymkhana. The Public Information officer of the CM Relief Fund desk provided Galgali the information that Rs 8 Lakhs financial assistance was given to the Sachivalaya Gymkhana. The Gymkhana had sought the assistance from the CM Relief fund vide their letter dt 25/08/2015. The Gymkhana needed the assistance to send it's 15 member strong team comprising government employees dance artistes to enable them to participate in a dance competition being held at Bangkok, Thailand from 26th to 30 th December 2015 as a special case. The application was sent by the CM to the CM Relief Fund desk with instructions to put up the application as a special case. On 27/08/2015 the application was put up before the CM as a special case and the assistance of Rs 8 lakhs was immediately sanctioned by the CM. The funds of Rs 8 Lakhs was transferred to the Sachivalaya Gymkhana's account on 11th September, 2015. # Guidelines for disbursement from the CM Relief Fund. The purpose of the CM Relief Fund is to provide immediate help to those effected by disaster within the Maharashtra state or any where in the country. The victims or survivors of Disasters such as floods, drought, accidents due to Fire or any other major natural calamities are provided with immediate assistance from the CM Relief Fund. The assistance are also provided to the economically backward sections amongst the communities in cases of medical treatments for various critical ailments. It is also important to note here that a PIL is pending before the Hon'ble High Court, Mumbai against the adhoc functioning of the CM Relief Fund, due to which the govt had taken a policy decision to hold the applications of personal nature and also of Institutions seeking assistance. The CM has overlooked and sidestepped it's own decisions and has disbursed funds to an organization called as Sachivalya Gymkhana, which is headed by CM himself, funds to a tune of Rs 8 lakhs as a special case for a dance competition and at the time when a poor farmer is forced to commit suicides due to reasons afflicted by the drought is shocking, alleged Galgali. The dance troupe is slated to participate in the competition being held at Akshara theatre, Bangkok, Thailand and is being organized by the private bodies like Akhil Bhartiya Sanskrutik Sangh and the Global Council of Art and Culture is comprising of 15 artists for which Rs 50,000 each has been sanctioned totalling Rs 7,50,000/=. Rs 50,000 has been additionally sanctioned to cover other miscellaneous expenses during the trip taking the overall total to Rs 8 Lakhs. Anil Galgali has expressed his opinion that, this type of sanctions amounts to misuse of the Relief Fund and it is sad that the CM is unaware of the rules guiding the Fund. Anil Galgali who via RTI had exposed this undue expenditure of the Government has appel the Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis to come in public and apologise for his gesture. Anil Galgali has also cautioned the CM to further be vigilant in using the funds in future.

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