Monday, 7 September 2015

BJP Government trying to protect the 12 Adarsh tainted officers

A 2 member enquiry commission headed by Justice J A Patil to probe into the lapses committed in the infamous Adarsh scam had recommended action against 12 senior bureaucrats for violation of service rules and dubious role in granting various permissions for the Adarsh society in its report submitted to the govt. The govt too had assured the Legislature of taking due action against the said officers almost 21 months ago. But when RTI activist Anil Galgali sought to find out the details of the action taken on the officers, was in for a shock when his queries were stone walled by the ruling BJP government, leaving a suspicion whether any action has actually been taken. RTI activist Anil Galgali had filed an RTI query seeking information about action taken against the 12 IAS officers indicted by the Justice Patil commission. The Under Secretary in the GAD dept Shri S H Umranikar in a reply refused to provide information citing section 8(1)(t) of the Right to Information Act 2005 stating that the information sought is of a personal nature concerning the officers mentioned, it further cited the order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court on 03/10/2012 in the Girish Deshpande v/s Information commission to deny information to Galgali stating the information sought is of personal nature and hence denied. Galgali filed an 1 st appeal, before Dy Secretary P J Jadhav which was also upheld the decision of the PIO of the GAD to deny information. In the hearing held Galgali argued that the order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court pertains to a particular case and is not a policy framing order with far reaching implications applicable all over the country. Also all the cases are not similar to Girish Deshpande case that it deserves blanket comparison to all cases. Also the activities of any Govt officers in the official capacity and activities for discharge of his duties towards his position is an official activity and part of the Govt functioning and cannot be classified as his personal activity argued Galgali. # Govt U Turn A 2 member inquiry commission headed by Justice Patil was constituted on 08/01/2011 to probe into the irregularities in the  various sanctions to Adarsh cooperative housing society project. The commission submitted it's report to the govt on 13/04/2012. The govt first tabled the report on the legislative session on 17/04/2013 and then on 20/12/2013. The item no 10 of the  report indicted 12 Govt officers for violating the Service Conduct Rules. The govt also in its Action Taken report tabled in the Legislature along with the commission report assured action on the 12 indicted officers under provisions of the All India service (conduct) rules and the Maharashtra Public service (conduct) rules by a Competent Officer. It was the responsibility of the Govt to take action against the indicted officers and make the action taken public, but almost 21 months has lapsed since the assurance on the floor of the Legislature and no actions seems to have been taken shows that the government of the day has taken a decision contrary to the assurance of the Govt of the day portraying a U Turn by the govt headed by BJP, said Galgali. The BJP which cashed in, on the political mileage of the Adarsh scam, which catapulted the party to gain power seems to have had role reversal and it seems is protecting the scam tainted 12 Govt officers alleged Anil Galgali. Galgali in a letter addressed to 'Transperant' CM Devendra Fadnavis and chief Secretary Swadheen Kshatriya has appealed that the sanctity of the Legislature be upheld and the action promised on the floor of the Legislature house be implemented and the public at large be informed of the action taken  against the indicted officers immediately. #  CM Secertiate unaware about Action. Anil Galgali also try to sought the information from Chief Minister Secertiate. Instead of supply the accurate information they transfer the Galgali application to General Administration Department.

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