Tuesday, 22 September 2015

11.32 million passengers says Good Bye to ST

In a shocking revelation by RTI Activist Anil Galgali, State Transport Department has recorded a decline of 11.32 million passengers this year, in the service areas of the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation, whereas due to this sharp decline in the commuters, ST has also put forth a loss more then Rs1934 crores. RTI activist Anil Galgali had ask various query from the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation in regards to the total number of passengers using the state transport bus facility, expenses incurred on the same and the fares charged by ST. ST Corporation Deputy General Manager S. D Mainhalikar informed Anil Galgali that in the year 2014-15 a total number of 245,60,33,000 people travelled by ST buses. But in 2013-14 the number was 256,60,65,000. So as compared to the previous year there has been a decline of 11,32,00,000 passengers. Income of ST was Rs 25.94/- per Kilometre in 2013-14 as against of expense Rs.35.22/- per Kilometre cost. In 2014-15 expense per kilometre was Rs 36.85/- and the income stood at Rs 27.57/- per KM. ST recorded a total run of 208,48,55,000 KM in 2014-15 as compared to 204,65,74,000 in the whole state in the year 2013-14. ST corporation in its reply to Galgali stated that in the year 2014-15 total expenses stood at Rs 7682,88,83,000/- whereas the income was Rs 5748,11,02,000/- The accumulated loss recent Rs 1934,77,81,000/-. In the year 2013-14, the accumulated loss was Rs 1899,02,65,000/- .The income ST got was Rs 5308,53,85,000/- whereas ST incurred expenses of 7207,56,50,000/- . Compare the accumulated loss in previous year, it was increased by Rs 35,75,16,000/-. RTI activist Anil Galgali said to reduce the accumulated loss of the Corporation Chief Minister Devendra fadnavis needs to step with come concrete action plan. The State Government is required to take steps to come to the aid are a reduction in taxes passengers on the lines of the state of Karnataka and Gujarat. Also the CM should give strict instructions to the Corporation to reduce its ever mounting expenses. Also Galgali is of the view that the bureaucrats running the Corporation are making no efforts to reduce the accumulated losses.Responsibilities should be fixed with the officers in charge and a strict monitoring would be able to help the corporation,said Galgali.

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