Friday, 29 September 2017

Non planning of Railway is the cause of the Elphinstone accident

The unfortunate accident due to stampede which happened at the Elphinstone station FOB is due to negligence and non planning by the Railway department stated RTI Activist Anil Galgali, he further alleged that due to non competent act of the Railways who has not paid attention to the problems inspite of regular complaints filed by citizens, many citizens have lost their lives today.

The Delhi based Railway bosses have always neglected Mumbai and it's needs. There was hope that Mumbai based Suresh Prabhu and now Piyush Goyal would do something for Mumbai, seems to be a distant dream. The announcement of creating Parel Terminus by the then Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu is existent only on papers. Looking at the daily crowd in the Parel station the Central Railway had constructed a new Rail FOB on the kalyan end, spending lakhs of rupees has been of no use as the location selected by the responsible authorities have been faulty. In its blind ambition for Bullet Train the Central and the state government has not been paying attention towards the needs of the daily 75 lakh commuters. Instead of instituting a farce enquiry, The Railway Minister Piyush Goyal should find out the negligent Officer's responsible for the today's mess and initiate punishment to them, demanded Galgali.

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