Monday, 2 July 2018

Training for Mumbai's 40 homeless citizens on Right to Information Act

A special initiative taken by the NGO "Pechchaan" brought 40 homeless Mumbaikars and imparted them training on the important issue and usage of Right to Information Act ie RTI. Noted Right to Information activist Anil Galgali delivered a speech for an hour to these 40 homeless Mumbaikars on what are their rights and how to demand for those.

This initiative was held at the Rusi Mehta Hall located near Mumbai Central . NGO "Pehchaan's" head Brijesh Arya gathered these 40 homeless people and arrnaged for the lecture at the college. Anil Galgali imparted many facts in regard to the act since its inception in the country since 2005. He strained on the fact that through RTI which is a boon to our country, any government person, government department has become answerable to the citizens of the country and if the queries are not answered, appealing on the same will definitely give results and desired answers, explained Galgali. Galgali also explained them the procedure as to how an RTI is made and how information can be sought in various subjects. Pehchaan's Brijesh Arya in his speech said that as per notification of the Supreme Court on the 5th May 2010, it is mandatory for every city which has a population of 5 lakhs to build ONE shelter home on per lakh citizens. But this dosent happen so. He said Mumbai's BMC claims to have build 9 shelter homes which remains far from reality. Many funds allocated for shelter homes are spent only on papers. 

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