Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Mumbai Metro does not have its own quality control laboratory

The Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Ltd is executing the project of Mumbai Metro 3, but they lack facilities of an well equipped laboratory of its own, is a shocking admission in a reply provided to RTI Activist Anil Galgali by the MMRCL. The literature and checks required in the project is getting done through General Consultant's for the Mumbai Metro 3 project.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had sought information from the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Ltd about its independent facilities for quality control like laboratory. The Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Ltd's Public Information Officer and Advisor (Coordination) Shrinivas Nandirgirkar informed Galgali that, the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Ltd doesn't has its own independent facilities like laboratory for the purpose of quality control. The literatures and all checking required in the execution of the Mumbai Metro 3 project is being done through appointed General Consultant's.  Anil Galgali has expressed surprise bat the claim of the MMRCL and has raised serious doubts, stating that it is surprising that the MMRCL is dependent on the services of independent consultants on the serious issue like quality control. In a letter addressed to CM Devendra Fadnavis, Galgali has demanded that the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Ltd should have its own independent laboratory for the execution of the prestigious Metro 3 project and a similar facility should also be developed by the MMRDA. The Govt's PWD has created such facilities in all the district of Maharashtra for their projects, so why shouldn't the Metro projects quality control so slack. Finally Galgali expressed concern about the carelessness adopted in the execution of Mumbai Metro projects.

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