Friday, 30 March 2018

Veteran actress Sridevi's funeral provided state honour's on CM's directions

Veteran Actress Amma yangar Ayyappan alias Sridevi who suddenly expired in Dubai was cremated with full state honours. There was widespread speculation at the time of the cremation that since Sridevi was a Padmashri awardee, she was entitled for full state honours. But as per the information provided by the State Government to RTI Activist Anil Galgali on his query, it was informed that the decision to confer state honours for funeral of any person was in the discretionary powers of the Chief Minister. So it has now been cleared that the full state honours provided for the cremation of Sridevi was on the directions of the CM. The state government has conferred full state honours for the cremation of 40 persons between 22nd June 2012 to 26th March 2018.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had sought information under the RTI Act 2005 from the Protocol department of the Maharashtra Government regarding the details of full state honours granted for the cremation of Sridevi and also who has the powers of granting. The Protocol department comes under the General Administration Department, which is headed by the CM. The Protocol department informed Galgali that, the Granting of the Full State honours for the cremation of any person was under the powers of the CM. With regards to the full state honours provided to Noted Actress Late Amma Yangar Ayyappan alias Sridevi, a verbal order for the same was received from the CM's Office on 25th February 2018 and the same was conveyed to the Mumbai Suburban Collector and the Mumbai Police Commissioner by a govt order Dt 26th February 2018 to do the needful. On being sought the reason for filing this query, Anil Galgali replied that, the reason for filing this query was that when the cremation was being conducted with full state honours it was being discussed and circulated that those who have been conferred with Padma Awards are provided with full state honours, so with the reason to verify the reasons the query was filed. But instead a new information has come to light by the reply that the powers to grant Full state honours for cremation of any person is under the discretionary powers of the CM and not due to being a Padma awardee.

Apart from Sridevi, 40 persons have been conferred full state honours from 22nd June 2012 to 26th March 2018, they are bas under. Mrinal Gore, Ex MP (17/07/2012), Vilasrao Deshmukh, Ex CM & Ex Central Minister (14/08/2012), Prabhakar Kunte Ex Minister (15/08/2012), Krishnaji Desai alias Babasaheb Kupekar, Ex Speaker, Maharashtra Legislative assembly (26/09/2012), Shankarrao Devram Kale Ex Minister of state ( 05/11/2012), Babasaheb Thackeray, Shivsena Pramukh ( 17/11/2012), Laxman Rangnath Hatankar Ex Minister of state (22/11/2012), Shankarrao Jagtap, Ex Speaker Maharashtra Legislative assembly (10/12/2012), Dinkar Balu Patil, Ex MP ( 24/06/2013), Sahkar Maharshi Chatrapal alias Babasaheb Anandrao Kedar, Ex Minister of state (02/08/2013), Rajani Roy, Ex Lt governor Pondicherry (29/08/2013), Satyanarayan Goenka, Vipassana Guru (29/09/2013), Mohan Dharia Ex Central Minister (14/10/2013), Subhash Jhanak, Ex Minister ( 28/10/2013), Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin , Bohra religious leader ( 17/01/2014), Dattatreya Narayan Patil, Ex MLA (28/02/2014), A R Antulay, Ex CM and Ex Central Minister (02/12/2014), R R Patil, Ex Dy CM ( 16/02/2015), Govindrao Wamanrao Adik, Ex Minister (07/06/2015), Dr Syed Ahmed, Governor Manipur (27/09/2015), Rambhau Kapse Ex Lt governor, Andaman and Nicobar (29/09/2015), Madan Vishwanath Patil, Ex Minister (16/10/2015), Pramodbabu Bhauraoji Shende, Ex Dy speaker, Legislative assembly ( 14/11/2015), Sharad Joshi, Ex MP and Shetkari sanghatna leader ( 12/12/2015), Mangesh Padgaonkar, noted poet, (30/12/2015), Dr Daulatrao Aher, Ex Minister (19/01/2016), Dr Bhanvarlal Jain, Jain Irrigation founder(25/02/2016), Nihal Maulvi Mohammad Usman Ahmed, Ex Minister ( 29/02/2016), Nivrutti Namdeo alias Bapusaheb Thite, Ex MP and Ex Minister (19/03/2016), Baburao Mahadev Bhaskar, Ex Minister 01/05/2016), Manohar alias Babasaheb Gopale, Matang samaj leader ( 21/08/2016), Smt Jaywantiben Mehta, Ex Central Minister of state ( 07/11/2016), Madhukarrao Kimmatkar, Ex Minister of state ( 03/01/2018), Vasant Davkhare, Ex Dy Chairman, Legislative Council ( 05/01/2018), Prof Narayan Sadashiv Pharande, Ex Chairman Legislative Council (16/01/2018), Adv Chintaman Wanga, MP ( 30/01/2018), Muzzaffar Hussain, Senior Journalist ( 13/02/2018), Dr BK Goyal, Padmavibhushan (20/02/2018), Dr Patangrao Kadam, Ex Minister (09/03/2018).

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