Friday, 16 March 2018

No Information about Where Rs 14047 crores Funds collected as Profession Tax was utilised in Maharashtra

The Profession Tax collect is done through the Sales Tax department in Maharashtra. In the past 7 years government has collected Rs 14047 crores as Profession Tax, this was revealed in a response to an RTI query filed by RTI Activist Anil Galgali, but in a shocking response the department has further informed that they have no information about where has the funds collected as Profession Tax was utilised. 

RTI Activist Anil Galgali, had sought information from the Finance department of the Maharashtra government about the details of collection of the Profession Tax by it. The Finance department in its response informed Galgali that, the Profession Tax collection was done through the Sales Tax department and in the past 7 years it has collected Rs 14047 crores from the professional's working in Maharashtra. In 2010-11 - Rs 1683.16 crores, 2011-12 - Rs 1768.01 crores, 2012-13 - Rs 1817.22 crores, 2013-14 - Rs 2146.68 crores,

2014-15 - Rs 2166.34 crores,

2015-16 - Rs 2169.13 crores,

2016-17 - Rs 2295.92 crores, has been collected yearwise.

Galgali had further sought information about the deployment of the funds collected through Profession Tax. In its response, the Finance department informed that, the tax collected is deposited in the consolidated fund and hence it is not possible to provide information on which area was the collected fund utilised. 

In a statement expressed by Galgali, the Funds generated through Profession Tax should be utilised for the Employment Guarantee scheme instead of depositing in the consolidated funds, which is not proper. The government should make all the information on the issue public.

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