Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Commuter's inconvenienced by AC local, 12 trips of normal services disrupted

The Services of AC local launched with much fanfare is at the cost of hardships for more than 50000 passengers who have been inconvenienced due to the disruption of the regular local trains plying on those schedule which has been now given to AC locals. The provision of AC local services by causing disruption and inconvenience to the common passengers is one of the most foolish decisions of the Railway board stated RTI Activist Inna letter addressed to PM Narendra Modi and Railway Minister Piyush Goyal. He has further appealed that the regular services be immediately restored.

According to Anil Galgali, almost 35 lakhs passengers utilise the services of Western Railway daily. By replacing 12 trips with AC local, almost 50000 passengers have become inconvenienced. The decision of the Railway's to discontinue 12 regular train trips and replace them with AC locals is an unjust decision which is beyond understanding. The decision taken by those authorities to please the government and Railway Minister should be sent home to rest because more than 50000 passengers have been inconvenienced by the foolish decision. The decision of replacement of regular service with AC local services in the name of better services and Development will spell trouble for the Railways as it is inconveniencing the general commuters, hence it advisable that the regular services be immediately restored and new slots without disturbing the regular slots be created by the Railway's, said Galgali.

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