Wednesday, 24 January 2018

For conversion, Hindu is a preferred religion

There is a increasing trend in Maharashtra in changing the Name and Date of births along with the religion amongst person's. In data provided by Anil Galgali obtained through RTI, from amongst Muslims who have converted to other religions, 87% preferred to embrace Hinduism. Amongst the total persons who converted 69% were Hindu's, and from amongst those, 57% adopted Muslim faith.

As many as 1687 people have converted their religion in the last 43 months in the Maharashtra, Hindus taking lead in number of conversion as 1166 out of 1687 people beloning to this faith, switched to another religions, including Muslims, Buddhist, Christians etc, during the period from June 10, 2014 to Jan 16, 2018.

Government recodrs available with the Directorate of Government Printing and Stationery (DGPS), Mumbai shows that 44 per cent (749 out 0f 1687) chose to accept Islam while only 21 per cent people preffered Hindu religion to switch their faith," RTI query filed by activist Anil Galgali has revealed.

Information furnished by the DGPS also says that out of 1166 Hindu people, 258 adopted Buddhist, 138 adopted Christianity, 88 adopted Jain, 664 adopted Islam while 11 people become Sikh. 

And so far is Muslim's conversion is concered, total 263 Muslims converted their religion and 228 people (87 per cent) chose to become Hindu, while 12 preferred to be buddhist, 21 Christian, two Muslim adopted Jain religion.Out of 1687 people who changed their religion, 53 seekers belonged Buddhist, 165 Christian, Nine Jain, 16 Sikhs and 11 others.

Commenting over the trend, activist Anil Galgali said, "These are the numbers recorded by the DGPS. It maintains the record which are reported to it, otherwise the actual numbers of the people who seek to change their religion is quite high."

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