Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Govt doesn't has district wise details of farmers loan waiver.

The Maharashtra government has disbursed Rs 14,388 crores against loan waiver of 46.52 lakhs farmers, under the Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Farmers Self-respect scheme, as per the information provided to RTI Activist Anil Galgali, but it has also stated in its reply that the government doesn't has details of the loan waiver disbursement district wise, which has raised questions over the Loan waiver disbursement scheme.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed an query with the state government seeking information on the farmers loan waiver scheme, in which he sought details like, total number of farmers, complete information on total approved and non approved applications, name of banks, total disbursed amounts district wise. The Public Information Officer Shri DM Rane, of the Maharashtra government's Ministry of Cooperation, Marketing and Textiles informed Galgali that, total amount of funds deposited in banks, district wise is not available with the govt and similarly it doesn't has information on village wise data in Vidarbha. 

From the information provided to Anil Galgali, it can be understood that, from 36 district and other, totalling 37 districts, a total of 56,59,159 application were received under the Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Farmers Self-respect scheme and from that the highest received was from the Ahmednagar district 3,34,920. 14,797 applications has been classified as others. 1620 applications are from Mumbai suburbs where as 23,715 applications are from Mumbai City. A total of 19,88, 234 accounts in Nationalised banks have been approved, and a total of Rs 77,66,55,13,440.76 has been provided to the Nationalised banks. These banks have disbursed Rs 75,89,98,20,857.28 out the amount received as above. Further 26,64,576 accounts have been approved in DCC Banks, for which Rs 67,70,18,88,772.36 has been provided and out of which, Rs Rs 67,97,74,78,292.76 has been disbursed to the beneficiaries. In 33 Nationalised banks banks and 30 DCC Banks 46,52,810 account has been approved and Rs 1,45,36,74,01,213.11 has been provided to these bank, and they have disbursed Rs 1,43,87,72,99,150.04 to the beneficiaries up till now.

Anil Galgali has expressed that a huge amount has been disbursed by the government, and non availability of district and village wise details is a major lapse on part of the govt.  Due to the lapse it has become impossible to verify that actual beneficiaries of the villages have been benefitted by the loan waiver disbursement? The govt has itself closed the doors for the verification process stated Anil Galgali in a letter addressed to CM Devendra Fadnavis, Galgali in the letter has further demanded that, the CM should order the preparation of list of beneficiaries district and village wise to the govt authorities.

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