Friday, 6 April 2018

BJP president Amit Shah will be using the hospitality of Sofitel hotel in BKC, Which has not paid dues of 31.82 crores to MMRDA

The MMRDA had refused the permission to start the operation of Sofitel Hotel, owned by Shree Naman Hotels Pvt Ltd due to the outstanding dues payable by them on account of additional premium payable due to delayed execution of the project. After the Hotel owners promised to make the payment in installments the MMRDA gave it's permission to start the hotel. But going back on its promises Shree Naman Hotels Pvt ltd did not make the payments for the future EMI's thereby an outstanding of Rs 31.82 crores is pending in default as per the information provided by MMRDA to RTI Activist Anil Galgali. Now, Why should BJP have chosen to host their national head in a hotel that owes & refuses to pay such a large sum to a Government body, Chaired by nobody else, but the CM of the state- Devendra Fadnavis.  It is clear that MMRDA officials are 'hand in glove' with the hotel owing large sum to the Government body. What should one expect further, when the top leaders of ruling party will be seen sharing the luxuries of this 7 star defaulter hotel.

Questions arise as BJP chief Amit shah stays in sofitel hotel that owes Rs  31.82 crores to Mmrda. Sofitel owes Rs 31.82 crores in dues to MMRDA . The hotel instead of paying the dues has pulled the mmrda to court. Now question to be raised on Shah staying in the same hotel, incidentally MMRDA chairman is Cm devendra Fadnavis. Questions are being raised on shahs stay at hotel will influence MMRDA to go soft on sofitel.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had sought information from the MMRDA about the the project of Shree Naman Hotels Pvt ltd (Sofitel Hotel). As per the information and documents provided by the MMRDA to Galgali, it can be understood that as on date Rs 31 crores 82 lakhs 31 thousand 975 is outstanding. The MMRDA had given on lease the plot now C-57 and C-58 in the G Block of the BKC to Shree Naman Hotels Pvt ltd for Rs 409.20 crores. Since the Hotel project could not be completed within the stipulated period of 4 years, Shree Naman Hotels Pvt ltd were levied a penalty of Rs 20.46 crores and Rs 1 crore 6 lakhs 50 thousand 411 taking the total to Rs 21 crores 52 lakhs 50 thousand 411 as additional premium for 2 plots. On 11th October 2011 at the time of issuing the Partly OC had restricted the opening for non payment of the additional premium. But on 15th February 2012 the Mr Sampatkumar, Chief of the MMRDA's City and Regional Planning department modified it's MMRDA order and granted 5 instalments to make the payment and granted the permission to start operations. In the ensued 56 months, Shree Naman Hotels Pvt ltd has made payment for only 2 instalments totaling Rs 8 crores 76 lakhs 28 thousand 100, but as on date, MMRDA has to receive a total of Rs 31 crores 82 lakhs 31 thousand 975 including interest. The Hotel continues to do brisk business. 

Anil Galgali has demanded that the OC issued to the Sofitel Hotel be immediately revoked if the company fails to make the payment of outstanding of additional premium and if necessary seal premises. In a letter addressed to CM Devendra Fadnavis, Galgali has demanded that the vide discretionary power given to the officer's of MMRDA should be reviewed immediately. But till date no reply from MMRDA. After continuously follow-up by Galgali, now Naman Hotel has taken MMRDA, headed by chief minister devendra Fadnavis to court. MMRDA has been lax in collecting the arrears from this 7 star hotel & now when the top leaders of ruling party decide to take the services of the offending hospitality, what is the message being sent!

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