Sunday, 26 November 2017

NOC's of 13 departments received for the project of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj memorial statue

The much awaited project for construction of a statue of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the Mumbai offshore is seeing some progress after necessary NOC's from 13 departments have been received. This information was provided by the Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj memorial project dept to RTI Activist Anil Galgali. After the JAL pujan by PM Narendra Modi about 9 months back, Rs 15,82,80,011/- has been spent on this project.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had sought information from the MMRDA and the Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj memorial project dept about the progress of the project. The Dy Engineer in the Project department Vijay Jethra provided information to Galgali which includes the NOC'S of the 13 departments and the expenses incurred upto now. The 13 departments which have granted the NOC include the Navy, Mumbai Port Trust, Maritime Board, BHNS India, Fisheries department, Coast Guard police, Mumbai Police Commissioner, Forests and Environment department, NSG, Mumbai Municipal Commissioner, BEST GM, Airport Authorities, Aviation Authorities of India.

The JAL pujan by the PM Narendra Modi was conducted on 24th December 2016, and the expenses incurred for the program was paid by MMRDA to the PWD, after due follow up the PWD the amount of Rs 5.54 crores. Out the amount, Rs 2.54 crores was handed over to PWD and rest to M/s N D Art World Pvt Ltd owned by Nitin Desai. Nitin Desai took their payment in advance. The MMRDA has accepted all the recommendation received upto now so as to ensure no hinderence obstructs the inauguration ceremony by the PM Narendra Modi. But the PWD department has yet to give it's Utility certificate. The PWD has paid Rs 10,18,10,177/- to M/s EGIS India Construction and Rs 10,69,834/- to Deshmukh Construction. From the time of JAL pujan by the hands of PM Narendra Modi an total amount of Rs 15,82,80,011/- has been the expenses incurred. 

After the recommendation of the the Police Commissioner, Rakesh Maria, the government formed a committee of experts representing every department involved in the project. The police Commissioner in its report had raised the issue of necessary precautions keeping in mind the Terrorists attacks, especially as the terrorists attack on 26th November 2008 was carried out by the terrorists on gaining entry from this route itself. Hence he raised an alert that the venue could be prone to terror attacks in future as well.

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